Three Main Parts of a Wave

Light and Dark
Light and Dark

This scale has three main parts:

1) The PLUS (concentrating or syntropy) side: 1+, 2+, 3+

2) The MINUS (dissipating or entropy) side: 1-, 2-, 3-

3) The NEUTRAL points or parts: 0 (Plus side), 4++ and (Minus side) 0.

"It will simplify our comprehension of the nature of the universe to realize that all we have got to deal with in the entire universe is Light - the one Light of God, the Creator, and the two lights of God's thinking which is eleectrically recorded as matter and space. These two opposite expressions are represented by incandescent lights of the sun (4++) and the black light of space (0)." [Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, page 110]

When a wave becomes vortex motion and the two mated pairs come together in balanced opposition at the 4++ or fourth position there is created a third condition of Etheric Vacuum. These three highly dynamical states constitute the focal center about which "like surrounding .. conditions are sympathetically subservient". Notice how a whirling tornado or hurricane dominates all air currents in its immediate environment.

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