Part 02 - Origin of Polar States

2.0 - Introduction

  • Science has been conveyed through society and time as myths and metaphors. For instance, in the beginning there was supposedly "good" and "evil". The "good" polar condition was harmonious, nurturing, Love and fecundity. While the "evil" depolar condition was inharmonious, murderous, fear and sterility. Our lives are riddled with polar conditions of Love and Fear, nice and bad, hot and cold, Master and Slave, poor and rich, etc. And the living of our lives is not much more than reconciling these polar conditions as best we can. This is what is meant by life being a duality - where there is always a polar condition and its complimentary depolar neutral or latent condition (Source).

2.1 - Rings and Spheres

2.2 - Spirit and Ether

2.3 - Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances 2.3.1 - Scholium

2.4 - Law of Oscillating Atomoles
2.5 - Atomolini
2.6 - Gravism
2.7 - Differential Densities

2.8 - What is Force

2.9 - What is Energy
2.10 - Beginning

2.11 - Beginning as Undifferentiated One

2.12 - The Neutral State
2.13 - Vacuum
2.14 - Spirit as a Physics Attribute
2.15 - Dead or Alive

2.16 - One Appearing as Extended
2.17 - Limits and Limitations

2.18 - One Becomes Two

2.19 - Male-Father and Female-Mother Forces

2.20 - Let there be Light

2.21 - Male-Father and Female-Mother Intermingle

2.22 - Voiding - an Effect of Desire and Will Force

2.23 - Male-Father-Syntropic and Female-Mother-Entropic Swirling Cosmic Dance

2.24 - The Duality of One

2.25 - Regauging or Control of the Neutral

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