polar negative machine

"The polar negative machine is a mechanical brain, with all the adjuncts associated with it to sympathetically receive and distribute the polar negative force. Its sympathetic transmitter (corresponding to our sun in our planetary system, transmitting all energy from the central sun of the universe) is the medium whereby sympathetic concordance is established between it and polar sympathy. The requisites for polarizing and depolarizing keep up the action of the machine as long as it is associated with the transmitter. The force which operates the mechanical is the same as that which operates the physical brain; purely mental, emanating from celestial outreach. There is nothing in the range of philosophy which so satisfies the intellect as the comprehension of this wondrous system of sympathetic association, planned by the Creator of the celestial and terrestrial universe, for the government of all forms of matter." Keely from [Veil Withdrawn]

Polar Negative Machine
Polar Negative Machine

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