1.3 - Brain Strung as a Harp

Below, Addendum 6, is a quote from Bloomfield-Moore's book, Keely and His Discoveries, which covers this very subject. Keely regarded the brain / mind relationship "as strings on a violin" which can develop "knots" which impede the flow of sympathetic etheric transmission (Love (superconducting) flow or Mind Flow) also nowadays called quantum entanglement.

"Keely, writing on brain disturbance, says, In considering the mental forces as associated with the physical, I find, by my past researches, that the convolutions which exist in the cerebral field are entirely governed by the sympathetic conditions that surround them.

The question arises, what are these aggregations and what do they represent, as being linked with physical impulses? They are simply vibrometric resonators, thoroughly subservient to sympathetic acoustic impulses given to them by their atomic sympathetic surrounding media, all the sympathetic impulses that so entirely govern the physical in their many and perfect impulses (we are now discussing purity of conditions) are not emanations properly inherent in their own composition. They are only media - the acoustic media - for transferring from their vibratory surroundings the conditions necessary to the pure connective link for vitalizing and bringing into action the varied impulses of the physical.' Keely and His Discoveries

Chord Signatures of Brain Convolutions
Brain Chord Signatures

Figure 1.1 - Chord Signatures of Brain Convolutions click to view full size (See all of Keely's Charts)

I call this indefinable, latent element, he writes, the Soul of the sympathetic elements in which it manifests, itself; and which until now has been locked up in their interstitial embrace. It is the leader of all triple streams, associated with the polar negative envelope of our planet and the one most sympathetically concordant to celestial radiation. In our individual organisms, the latent soul-forces, existing in the cerebral domain, are sympathetically subservient to the celestial radiating force whereby they are stimulated into action in controlling the movements of our bodies. Take away this latent element from the brain and the physical organism becomes an inert, dead mass; on the same order as a mechanical device without an energy to operate it.

Vibrometric Brain Convolutions
Vibrometric Brain Convolutions

Figure 1.2 - Vibrometric Brain Convolutions click to view full size (See all of Keely's Charts)

The polar negative machine is a mechanical brain, with all the adjuncts associated with it to sympathetically receive and distribute the polar negative force. Its sympathetic transmitter (corresponding to our sun in our planetary system, transmitting all energy from the central sun of the universe) is the medium whereby sympathetic concordance is established between it and polar sympathy. The requisites for polarizing and depolarizing keep up the action of the machine as long as it is associated with the transmitter. The force which operates the mechanical is the same as that which operates the physical brain; purely mental, emanating from celestial Outreach. There is nothing in the range of philosophy which so satisfies the intellect as the comprehension of this wondrous system of sympathetic association, planned by the Creator of the celestial and terrestrial universe, for the government of all forms of matter.

Nature cannot rebel against herself. The flowers of spring cannot resist the sympathetic force which calls them into bloom, any more than the latent force in intermolecular spaces can rebel and remain in neutral depths when sympathetic vibration calls it forth.

What is the Soul but life in latent suspension? The motion exhibited in matter shows that its Soul is ever present; and yet there are men of great learning, as taught in the schools, who, after spending their lives in researching all forms of matter, deny that all living things depend on one everlasting Creator and Ruler, in whom they live and move and have their being through all time, as much as when He first breathed into them the breath of celestial radiation; and to whom they are as closely allied, still, by the workings of the great cosmical law of sympathetic association, as when the evolutionary work of creation commenced.

The ancients were far better schooled in spiritual philosophy than are we of the present age. Their mythological records, in their symbolical meaning, prove this fact. They recognized this latent element as the very breath of the Almighty; the sympathetic outflow of the trinity of force, the triple spiritual essence of God Himself. Their conceptions of Deity were greater and truer than our own. From them we learn that when God said 'Let there be light,' He liberated the latent celestial element that illuminates the world: that when He breathed into man the breath of life, He impregnated him with that latent soul–element that made him a living and moving being. Clara Bloomfield-Moore, The Veil Withdrawn

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