Celestial Sympathetic Radiation

Celestial Radiation
Celestial Radiation
Celestial Radiation

Also known as Celestial Radiation, Life Force, Light, Light of Mind, Mind Force and Orgone Energy. see Scalar

"Thermal radiation (and its negative, cold), the field of Prof. Dewar's researches, in Keely's system comes below the first atomic; while Celestial Sympathetic Radiation comes as the fountain head; the compound interetheric, from which all aggregated matter springs, the governing force of all aggregations. If there were no Sympathetic Radiation from the great celestial center, space would be void of suspended, or floating, earthly and gaseous matter; consequently, planetary worlds would never have had their birth and growth.

"The suggestion of Prof. Dewar, that an increase in low temperatures might lead to the liquefying of hydrogen, is an admission that hydrogen may be a compound; for no simple can ever be condensed into a visible form. Keely's experimental researches have proved, to his own satisfaction, that all known gases are compounds, inasmuch as, when the intensity which accompanies sympathetic vibration, in his process, is brought to bear upon any gas, it submits to dissociation." [Bloomfield-Moore in Keely and His Discoveries pg. 371]

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