2.20 - Let there be Light

At some point, it is believed, God said/expressed "Let there be Light." This statement is an idea or intent some say to experience Light (to be aware) as an expressioning of Self's ideas (thoughts). Remember that in the ancient writings Light always referenced Light of Mind as in Awareness, Consciousness or Illumination. So when Light came Awareness came. This first expressed desire caused a disturbance in the universal equilibrium and potential. The potentially two balanced or neutralized states or desires became slightly unbalanced causing the two forces to move against or around each other. They must move AROUND each other as to move directly against each other would bring about a neutralization of force. One moving away from centralization and the other moving toward centralization. The two directions mutually cancel one another mathematically but not dynamically or actually. The original thought that initiated the motion must be at right angles to this in and out direction and may be pictured as a shaft around which whirl the expanding and contracting motions. See Stria, Vortex

Omnipresence of One
Figure 2.13 - Swirling Vortex around Neutral Centering Shaft

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