Polar Interchange - Part III

Polar Interchange - Part III
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Notes and Observations of Nature's Processes Which Substantiate the Cyclic Theory of Generation, Degeneration and Regeneration of Energy Through The Attraction of Gravitation, The Repulsion of Radiation, And Resistance of Both.

Consider surface temperatures and pressures.

A glance at the weather map will show that the surface of the earth is divided into high and low pressure areas.

The low pressure areas are the cold zones of greatest condensation. ['Cold generates, generation contracts'.]

3.00 - Complete Contraction Expansion Cycle

Centripetal - Electric Domination [Contraction] Cold generates [applied vacuum as vacuum is cold] Generating bodies contract [swirling to center] Contracting bodies heat [molecular and atomic structures squeeze out interatomic orbits; see Sono-thermism]

Centrifugal - Magnetic Domination [Radiation] Heating bodies radiate [reach out enharmonically] Radiating bodies repel [bodies = molecular or atomic structures] Repelling bodies expand [media composed of molecular or atomic bodies] Expanding bodies cool [molecular and atomic media]

Thus the cycle of opposition is completed. One effect of motion is always followed by its opposite:

Centripetal - Electric Domination [Contraction] Cold integrates [cold swirls to center] Integrating bodies decelerate rotation [spin slows] Decelerated rotation contracts [orbit radius decreases] Contracting bodies heat [molecular and atomic media]

Centrifugal - Magnetic Domination [Radiation] Heating bodies disintegrate [exceeds orbital gravity] Disintegrating bodies accelerate rotation [spin increases] Accelerated rotation expands [orbit radius increases] Expanding bodies cool [decreased aggregation] by Walter Russell, The Universal One (notations added in brackets) [5.8.5 - The complete Contraction Expansion Cycle is as follows]

(see Part II - Table of Transformation)

Vapors contract into smaller volumes, gather "weight" and fall to the ground as rain in mutually attractive converging lines. [see Figure 3.3, Law of Attraction, Bjerknes Effect]

Light Rays are Radial when projected through Spherical Planes

Light Rays are Radial when projected through Spherical Planes - Figure 3.1
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No two vertical lines are parallel in this radial universe.

No two vertical lines are parallel in this radial universe - Figure 3.2
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Rain falling vertically form cones of converging lines.

Rain falling vertically form cones of "mutually attractive converging lines" - Figure 3.3
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Cold winds descend in eddies or spirals, sweeping ever towards the high pressure zones heating as they go. [see 6.13 - Density Differentiation, Stria]

3.02 - Density Differentiation

These eddy currents or stria in the air are zones of different densities. These zones behave like flows, currents or streams moving from high density high potential zones into low density low potential zones thus initiating and maintaining movement or motion as wind. The greater the difference in potential from a high potential zone (flow, current or stream) to a low potential zone (flow, current or stream) the fiercer the flow, current or stream in movement as wind. [see differential densities]

The high pressure areas are the hotter zones of greatest radiation. ['Heating radiates, radiating repels, repulsion expands'.] [see Complete Contraction Expansion Cycle above and Part II - Table of Transformation]

Waters vaporize [dissociates] and heated air loses "weight" by expanding its volume into greater space. These rise away from the earth in mutually repellant diverging lines. [see Law of Repulsion]

"All molecular masses of terrestrial matter are composed of the ultimate ether from which all things originally emanated. They are sympathetically drawn towards the earth's center, as according to the density of their molecular aggregation." John Keely, The Snell Manuscript
Diverging Lines are Mutually Repelled and Radiate
Diverging Lines are Mutually Repelled and Radiate - Figure 3.4

Up in the colder strata of lower pressures the thin vapors condense into heavier vapors and draw together into cloud striations. [see Law of Attraction, Bjerknes Effect]

At the poles of the sun and every planet we find maximum low pressure, greatest cold and maximum condensation.

At the poles an equatorial pound weighs more than a pound.

In these cold zones radiation is minus and generation is preponderant.

3.04 - Preponderance

The Syntropic and Entropic principles are linked together as two oxen may be yoked together pursuing a common direction but individual unto each themselves. What tells the difference is PREPONDERANCE. Whichever pole, state or condition PREPONDERATES within the whole of the pair dictates how the (pair) wave will behave AS A WHOLE. Keely's Thirds, Sixths and Ninths ratios refers to the degree or proportion of preponderance. This is what I've been referring to with the phrase "differential densities". A change in the preponderance will result in either contraction to a center of coincident forces (formation of matter) or dispersion away from the center (dissociation of matter). A preponderance of syntropy will form matter. A preponderance of entropy will dissociate matter. But both states are always present in every wave. Preponderance is regulated by the etheric current known as the Dominant. It must be kept in mind these poles, states or conditions are not two separate things but two conditions of the same thing - a wave, vibration or oscillation. Conventional science tends to view the phases of a wave as separate actions but they are in fact two seemingly different actions of the same wave. See more on this in Part 09 - What Vibration Is. - Part 2.

[see 14.30 - Effect of Preponderance, 14.31 - Preponderance Russell]

In the equatorial zones radiation is preponderant and generation is minus.

The equatorial belt of the sun is still liquid while the poles are condensed.

The corona of the sun tells us that radiation extends for millions of miles at its equator then bends towards its poles and condenses.

The excessive radiation of the earth's equatorial belt is fast making it a desert.

Farther out in the lower pressures of this solar system the expansion of radiation has developed upon Mars a completed desert area.

Still farther out the more oblate and less dense Jupiter has degenerated equatorially to belts and Saturn to rings which in Uranus have recondensed to satellites.

In every instance above quoted the generative force of energy accumulation corresponds to the attraction of gravitation and the degenerative force of energy dissipation to the repulsion of radiation.

In every instance also condensing substance is seeking the equilibrium high pressure inertial turning point for the return journey to low pressures, and the expanding substance is seeking the low pressure inertial turning point for the return journey to high pressure again.

3.06 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart
Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart
Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart - Figure 3.5

Symbolically showing full dynamical gamut of Mind (on right) integrating counter-clockwise (top of chart) into Matter (on left) and Matter disintegrating (bottom of chart) to Mind in a continuous loop. Thus illustrating decentralized Mind is non-motion-in-inertia while Matter is Mind-in-motion, centralized. Also shown are the various dualities as found in nature, Keely's structural concepts, Russell's Locked Potentials and links to conventional science and Eastern philosophies.

Red is syntropy - blue is entropy.

NOTE - This chart does NOT show the dynamics of the vortex. The vortices at the left are there to show that it is in this position of this chart that Syntropy and Entropy come together to create the elements. The nature and dynamics of the vortex or incredibly complex. Russell's vortex drawings of which there are many in diverse configurations are over simplifications showing discrete concepts. To meld them together into a comprehensive paradigm is an arduous undertaking involving many parts and dynamics. [see Vortex]

Is it not logical therefore to assume that all motion is seeking an equilibrium pressure in inertia and never finding it?

This seeking equilibrium and not finding it is a continuous restlessness manifesting as repeating periodic transformation of one state syntropic contraction to its seeming opposite state entropic expansion. [see Law of Assimilation, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, Dynaspheric Force, Universal Heart Beat]

3.08 - Law of Cycles

"Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the |harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from Harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation." Keely, 1894 [see Law of Cycles]

Consider the apple....

From somewhere in the expanse of space the universal alternating expansion - compression pump gathers low potential into contracted high potential until an apple evolves to full maturity. [see Law of Assimilation]

The apple has "weight" in respect to its environment.

It has accumulated much more energy and of a higher potential than the surrounding air because it has packed hundreds of millions of atoms into each cubic centimeter of apple than the air contains. [see 2.7 - Differential Densities]

For this reason the earth "attracts" this condensed object with greater force than it "attracts" the cold air or a cotton ball for exactly the same reason that a basket of sand is "attracted" more violently to the earth than the same basket of cotton. Now cut the stem and let the apple fall.

What happens?

This condensed high potential in seeking an equilibrium pressure appropriate to its own potential, drops toward the high potential inertial point of the condensed planet and comes to rest on its surface. [see concordant tenuity]

Now what happens?

Does it stop there? Does not the still higher potential of the planet inductively withdraw its charge of stored energy?

In other words does not the force of gravity still work upon it to borrow its energy?

Does it not in fact, degenerate, discharge or decompose?

Principle of Regeneration
In disintegration of the apple the gravity potential of the earth induces a higher potential into the apple thereby invoking the Law of Cycles and the Principle of Regeneration by which the Russell Wavefunction Equation shifts to higher enharmonicity which breaks done the integrity of the apple into its constituent or aliquot component parts.

In a few days does not the decomposed apple rise into lower pressures from which it was generated? [see Dissociation, Dispersion, Tenuity]

Is not this cycle followed by every object in nature whether it be rain, apple, granite rock or bar of steel?

What other differences than time and potential is there between them, or between the decomposing apple and the decomposing planet?

Are not all air and electric currents seeking equilibrium of pressures?

Is not the direction of all composing things always the direction of gravitation?

Does not this direction correspond with the well known electric effect which tends to shorten a line in the direction of its length by pulling inward from within? [see Assimilation]

"Can there be any question that this is the direction of the generative force?

"Can there be any question that the opposite direction is the direction of degenerative force?

3.10 - Striations "It seems evident that the universe is divided into high and low pressure zones wherever any active force takes place.

"It is inconceivable that part of the universe is imbued with the force of motion and part of it is inert.

"Wherever any action of force takes place a difference of pressure immediately develops and runs its cycle. [see Stria, Striation, Striations]

3.12 - Motion

"All of the energy of all Creation is in the omnipresent vacuum of the zero universe. The error of man's observation of this universal FACT lies in his beliefs that energy moves. The omnipresent vacuum never moves. It is the fulcrum from which motion draws its energy to move, but the fulcrum never moves. Every ultra-microscopic point in this Cosmic vacuum tube, which the universe is, is a fulcrum from which Mind-desire is extended to express the Idea of Mind. Mind-desire is the sole energy of the universe. Motion is but the lever which expresses the energy extended to it from the fulcrum." - Walter Russell

"All motion is thought, and all force is mind force." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries, pg 252] [see Mind-desire, Motion]

In the heaven's great spiral whirl-pools are demonstrating that low pressure cold areas covering hundreds of light years are generating into high pressure vortices with condensing focal centers.

Dark and Light Spiral Arms of a Galaxy
Dark and Light Spiral Arms of a Galaxy- Figure 3.7

The spiral nebulae such as that in Perseus, or our own Milky Way, give energy evidence of flowing in double streams centripetally toward and centrifugally away from focal centers. [see Spiral 4 Streams]

Do these awesome galaxial effects of motion differ in any way from the same actions and reactions caused by an electric current passing through a wire?

Let us consider this.

Pass an electric current through a wire passing through your right hand toward your left and what will happen.

Loops of force will circle around that wire in an anti-clock-wise direction. [see Curl]

These loops are not like continuous cylinders of force, they are divided into whirling buttons or discs separated from each other in accordance with the force of the current.

The whirling buttons are high pressure striations which can be made visible as whirling bands of light by enclosing the wire in an evacuated tube.

Electricity records Mind-thought in rings of light
Electricity records Mind-thought in rings of light - Figure 3.11

The spaces between these buttons are low pressure areas.

The nucleal center where the wire passes is also the high pressure point or gravitation center of each striation and the edge of each disc is its low pressure zone.

What are these striations? What causes them? [see Stria, Striation, Striations]

Is not the effect of electric gravitative, generative actions evident in shortening a line of force in the direction of its length?

Every action of force seems to register its repeative striations in octave harmonics.

Is it not quite probable that this solar system is but a striation, a whirling button of force, spinning around the line of direction of the electric current of which our sun is the high pressure nucleal center?

Our whole solar system turns properly anti-clock- wise in accordance with the direction of our sun's journey.

Might there not be countless other buttons of force whirling around that curved direction?

If so what is happening in space as a result of it? Let us consider this.

Pass a current in the manner indicated in diagram No. 1 through a straight wire and parallel loops of force result.

Whirling Buttons of Centralized Force on Straight Wire
Whirling Buttons of Centralized Force on Straight Wire - Figure 3.12

In nature an electric line of force cannot travel in a straight line because of the curvature of pressure gradients surrounding all masses and because of resistance.

In Nature then we get the effect indicated in diagram No. 2 [below].

Whirling Buttons of Centralized Force on Axis of Magnetic Light
Whirling Buttons of Centralized Force on Axis of Magnetic Light - Figure 3.13

What happens?

A high pressure point develops at the point marked X which becomes the gravitative center of many systems and gradually absorbs them all.

This seems to be nature's accumulating process of condensation.

If we pass a current through a coiled wire, surrounding a bar of steel, the bar will suspend itself at its high pressure core.

If we pass a strong current through a heavy spirally coiled wire such a high pressure will develop at its center that a bar of steel will become red hot and its energy will radiate into the low pressures outside of the coil.

Is this not exactly akin to the high pressures generated in the same manner in our sun and in our planets?

Is not our sun the high pressure nucleal center of our striation?

Is not the coiled wire with a central elongated bar following the line of high pressure exactly analagous to the sphere whose every loop of gravitative force converges to a meeting point at its center in mutually attractive lines, and whose radiative force diverges radially in mutually repellant lines?

Is not the generative direction the inductive direction of greatest heat; and conversely is not the direction of cold the exactly opposite or conductive direction? [see inductive coupling]

If these facts are correct then does it not necessarily follow that the direction radiation leads is toward the condensing zones of cold and low pressure?

If this is true then the direction that generates condensation must be away from cold towards heat.

Heat leads to cold and turns back again to heat in a never ending cycle.

What then can heat be but more energy packed into less volume under high pressure than when in that expanded state of low pressure known as cold?

Russell Dimensions and Their Relationships
Dimensions and Their Relationships - Figure 3.14

3.20 - Sun Light Let us consider the sun's radiation, that which we call sunlight.

We accept as true that the sun's radiation is degenerative in respect to the sun and regenerative in respect to this planet.

All Mass is Controlled by Invisible Polarized Force in Space

All Mass is Controlled by Invisible Polarized Force in Space- Figure 3.15 (click to enlarge)
Actienic Rays

Actienic Rays- Figure 3.16 (click to enlarge)

We even compute the weight in tons of the sunlight which "falls" upon this earth.

We know it charges the earth where it shines and that the zone of maximum discharge is the night portion.

Light Charges - Dark Discharges
Light Charges - Dark Discharges - Figure 3.17

We know that the universal machine oscillates with greater frequencies in the sunshine and makes things "grow" which at night close their petals or their eyes in sleep.

How then can we explain that the negative, discharging force of radiating energy leaving the sun becomes a positive charging force of generative energy when it impacts against this planet?

Does not the answer lie in the reversal of degeneration into regeneration when its expansion limit is reached in the low pressure position between the two respective masses? [see Principle of Regeneration]

Non-synchronized Voiding at Plane of Inertia
Non-synchronized Voiding at Plane of Inertia is Regenerative as micro zones of Differential Densities are created always leading into Gyroscopic Motions. - Figure 3.18
(click to enlarge)

In this position expansion ceases and contraction begins and increases as it penetrates further into the higher pressure gradient of this planet.

Contraction heats, therefore the degenerating "rays" of sunlight which expand into the cold of space after leaving the sun are reborn through resistance and arrive here hot. [see Keely's description of heat generation 12.29 - Origin and Nature of Heat included below.]

3.30 - Heat Generated Through Resistance to Compression

Resistance in DC circuits is equivalent to Impedance in AC circuits.

It is quite clear the concepts of resistance in the writings of Keely and Russell are more akin to AC Impedance than DC Resistance (as commonly understood).

"..In crystalline structures, heat, which expands the atoms, by twisting them produces striae, increases the resistance, etc." Keely, Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances

"The electric current destroys cohesion and chemical tension directly as square of current in amperes, inversely as the resistance in ohms, inversely as the chemical equivalent, and conversely as the coefficient of the difference between the freezing and volatilizing temperature of mass acted upon." Keely, Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Electricity

"Dark radiant heat begins at absolute zero temperature, and extends through light, chemcial rays, actinic rays, and infra-violet rays, up to the dissociation of all molecules to the 63rd octave." Keely, Law of Oscillating Atoms

"Heat increases the amplitude of the oscillations in a direct ratio to the temperature of the natural scale." Keely, Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Temperature

"New thermometers and accurate thermometric tables, on the natural base, wherein doubling the temperature doubles the pitch of the transmissive energy, are required. Such a table of temperature will bear natural relations to atomic weights, pitches, specific heats, chemical affinities, fusions, solubilities, etc., and will disclose new laws. One table for each must be constructed." Keely, Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Temperature

"Diminishes the tensions directly as the quantity of heat developed, and in antithetical proportion to the harmonics absolved." Keely, Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Sono-thermism

"..if the oscillation amplitude be augmented by heat until the atoms are with the concentric waves of attraction, - the atoms will separate." Keely, Law of Chemical Dissociation

Law of Heat "Atoms under the tension of chemical combination oscillate with an amplitude directly as the temperature, inversely as the pressure, and as the square of the specific heat. Diminishing the pitch of oscillation inversely as the square of the distance of the atoms apart, and simultaneously increasing the vibrating pitch of the atom by absorption of overtones and higher harmonics." Keely, Law of Heat

Law of Electric Conductivity "Electric energy is transmitted through homogeneous bodies with a completeness in direct proportion as the atoms are more or less perfect harmonics of the electric pitch, but not at all through substances whose atoms are discordant to the electric pitch; also through molecular substances, when their resultant notes are harmonics of the electric pitch, - the transmissions being inversely as the temperature, directly as the density diminished in proportion to the amount of crystallization, and inversely as the cube of the dyne, also directly as the reciprocal of the local magnetic intensity." Keely, Law of Electric Conductivity

"All moving bodies of visible matter produce heat as according to their velocity. The flow of gases only induces thermal reduction from molecular friction. By this term it must not be understood that the molecules actually come in contact, and rub against each other. There is no pressure, however great, that can cause molecular contact. The area of the volume of the molecule can be reduced by enormous pressure, and the tension thus brought to bear on their rotating envelopes induces heat. The heat thus induced is a positive proof of the wonderful velocity of the Etheric envelope. If the molecules were dead - which is an infinite impossibility - to sympathetic vibration, and without a rotatory envelope if all the pressure possible to conceive were brought to bear upon them, it would not induce the slightest thermal change." Keely and His Discoveries

"The area of the volume of the molecule can be reduced by enormous pressure, and the tension thus brought to bear on their rotating envelopes induces heat." Keely, The Snell Manuscript

"Heat and cold are opposites. Inwardly bound light rays (luminiferous Etheric vibratory Sympathetic Streams) generate heat from cold by compressing cold. Outwardly bound light rays degenerate heat into cold by expanding heat (radiation)." Russell, The Secret of Light

"Positive electricity pulls inward spirally from within against the opposing resistance of negative electricity which thrusts outward spirally from within." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 148

"In this electric universe, sensation is the strain of resistance to the separation which exists between all separated masses. All matter is one. Separated particles desire to find that oneness." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 85-86

from Russell's "Notes and Observations of Nature's Processes"

"In nature an electric line of force cannot travel in a straight line because of the curvature of pressure gradients surrounding all masses and because of resistance."

"Contraction heats, therefore the degenerating "rays" of sunlight which expand into the cold of space after leaving the sun are reborn through resistance and arrive here hot."

"Consider the rebirth of the human voice against the cliff side known as the echo.

"Sound of the voice is an expression of accumulated energy which expands into silence in the surrounding low potential.

"Approaching the cliff side however it impacts against the high pressure gradient of this concentrated energy and the resistance of this impact reverses its radiative expansion into regenerative contraction."

from Russell's "The Cyclic Theory as the Cause of Solar Regeneration" "Resistance to all motions of condensing bodies headed toward the high pressure at the gravitative centers of maximum density, increases every one of the effects of gravitation within themselves and within the masses toward which they fall."

"Resistance to condensation generates heat."

"The gravitation action of pulling inward from within meets with its reaction, the resistance of the force which pushes outward from within. There can be no expression of force without resistance."

"All energy is transformed in this manner and is repeated by the resistances set up against the effort to transfer.

"It is due to resistances that every action of free energy expresses itself in curved lines and makes an action in straight lines impossible.

"Resistance to every action or reaction bends the line of direction of either of the opposed forces away from a straight line into a centripetal spiral."

"Resistance reproduces both sexes."

"The degenerative reaction to radiation is born in the same cradle with its generative action, and resistance is the father-mother of both."

Male Polarity
Father Force - Figure 3.19
Female Polarity
Female Energy - Figure 3.20

"Resistance of these forces to each other in their efforts to overcome inertia, is the reproductive force which repeats."

"The greater the condensation, the greater the heat generated by the pressure exerted from the opposite direction as resistance to generation."

"The desire for expression of force in the universe is resisted by an opposing desire for an inert universe. The expression of force in overcoming inertia, being resisted, results in the apparent division of the one force into two opposing forces."

from Russell's "Home Study Course" "Now imagine that the pulling apart of the one into two caused a strain, or tension, as though there were many electric bands which held the two together as the invisible ONE. To pull them apart caused these bands to stretch against a resistance which pulled the other way.

"The effect of two-way tension is the answer to what electricity is. The two-way desire to equalize that tension is the answer to what sex is and the two-way interchange which is necessary to effect that equalization is what motion is, for when that equalization takes place electric current ceases, sex desire ceases and motion ceases." [Home Study Course, 29 - Unit Four - Lesson 14]

"Desire to manifest the love principle of Nature is manifested by the seeming division of the IDEA of love into its many pairs of opposite expressions. The electric action of GIVING extends radially outward from a center of rest in the universal Light of Mind. The reaction of REGIVING is simultaneously expressed by the outward GIVING of motherhood meeting with the inward pressures of REGIVING of fatherhood which are returning in the opposite radial direction. The resistance to this two-way flow of opposed pressures winds all forms into spheres spirally, and likewise unwinds them." [Home Study Course, 30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

"Gravitation and radiation are the opposite ends of the piston which motivates the heartbeat of this eternally living dual body of God, which is our dual body. Its continual giving and regiving manifests the love principle in both the action and reaction—not just in one of them.

"Their continual interchange in spiral lanes of opposed directions gives us the incandescent light of hot spheres by the friction of resistance to the interpassings of both in such close quarters as the vortical centers of cube-spheres. Conversely, the release of that resistance in the widening lanes of the outer spiral direction give us the cold and dark of the cube half of the wave-field which encloses every divided body in the universe. To exemplify this effect see the oppositely directioned arrows, marked A and B in Fig. 67 on page 499." [Home Study Course, 49 - Unit Eight - Lesson 31]

"The foundation of God's invisible universe of all-knowing is LIGHT undivided and unchanging LIGHT. The foundation of God's visible electric thought-wave universe of form and motion is divided, or polarized light.

Polarized light means that two opposed and unbalanced pressure conditions (which strongly resist their division, and multiply that resistance as the division increases) have been established by the extension of two poles from a dividing equator. The two opposing electric pressures thus generated are compression and expansion. Compression is the result of the 'winding up' of light into centripetal spiral vortices. This generates terrific heat which thrusts spirally outward in resistance to its opposing pressure. Heat thus generated radiates centrifugally. It expands that which has been compressed. Compression polarizes - expansion depolarizes. Each are then reversed and become the other in the following cycle." [Home Study Course, 58 - Unit Ten - Lesson 39.1]

"Matter consists of countless little and big whirlpools of two-way motion. One of these two directions winds up its two intertwining electric opposites into an incandescent fury of explosive resistance which become the suns of stellar, solar and atomic systems. That winding up of motion is what polarization is. That fury of resistance to the winding up process is what compression is. That also is what gravitation is. And all of it is but one piston stroke of the electric heartbeat of the universe of matter. That polarizing piston stroke which generates the hot light of suns electrically records God's concentrative thinking in the forms of Creation which simulate God's knowing. That polarizing piston stroke vitalizes the bodies and makes them 'live' and grow toward strength. That polarized light of suns repolarizes other bodies while the dark of space depolarizes them. But God’s concentrative thinking is sequentially repeated in reverse. The intensity of generated resistance to such compression must relax. The wound up whirlpools of motion which simulated one half of life must unwind into the cold dark of space to simulate the other half. Everything which appears must disappear." [Home Study Course, 58 - Unit Ten - Lesson 39.1]

"Likewise, both ends will repel and attract equally. But what is it they repel? Neither repels the iron filings, or the nails for they fairly jump at either pole and cling so hard that you can feel their reluctance to leave by their resistance to being pulled away from either pole." [Home Study Course, 60 - Unit Ten - Lesson 40]

"The current runs both ways to interchange. You call it an electric current if the equalization process is sent through a small gage wire conduit, or a short circuit if you send it through a large wire. In a short circuit the resistance to each otherís passing causes a burst of flame. In a small gage wire the resistance is not so great so the "short circuit" takes a long time to equalize both cells into what is known as a dead battery." [Home Study Course, 60 - Unit Ten - Lesson 40]

"As each of these forces have to pass through the other one on their outward or inward journeys - like a stone falling to earth or vapor rising from it - each must give way to the other's resistance by bending around each other." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"Figures 117 and 118 illustrate this principle. Two opposing forces cannot meet head on, as in 117, so they intertwine as they pass through each other. Figure 118 illustrates that bending of the two opposing forces passing through each other radially. If you examine the wood of an old tree which has lost its bark you will see the effect of that resistance by the spiral growth in the wood from ground to the top of the tree. The slow growth of the tree lengthens the spiral whereas more quickly timed explosions than those of tree growth shorten the spirals." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"Figure 119 illustrates the same principle as 117 except that six pairs of oppositely directioned forces are meeting in a wave-field. Note the beginnings of spiral twistings resulting from resistance by each for the passing of the other as illustrated in Figure 120.

"If the outward explosive effect of radiation met with no resistance its effects would dissipate radially, but it is opposed by gravitation. Opposition between the two is repeated throughout the universe within wave-fields of opposing pressures, but all opposition is voided at wave-field boundaries where all motion seeks rest and balance." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"You will note by Figure 122 that eight spheres formed by eight harmonics would not fill all space when they met together in six places upon cube boundaries. The empty space between the spheres must also be filled. For this reason the pressures of the outward thrust of radiation meet with greater resistance at cube diameters than they do at diagonals, which are much longer.

"Because of the much lesser resistance at diagonals than at diameters, radiation seeks the lines of least resistance to its outward pressure and spirals toward the corners of cubes with increasing speed as centripetal force multiplies in the apices of the vortices thus formed.

"You will comprehend this much better if you imagine the spheres in figure 122 to be rubber balls being inflated within cube enclosures. If the inflation is continued sufficiently the spherical shapes of the rubber balls would disappear into the cubes within which they are compressed as shown in Figure 123. This is not an exact analogy because the inflation of rubber balls would form true spheres until they met at six points, but the outward thrust of radiation would not be spherically equal in pressures because of the greater resistance met with in these six directions than in the eight diagonal ones." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"At the center of the cube is the point of desire for outward giving. It is marked zero. From that point of extension the desire reaches outward, radially, like an outward explosion, such as you see in Figure 121, meeting with the resistance which spirals its effect of polarity, such as you see in Figure 124." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"You manufacture incandescence when you turn on your electric switch which polarizes the equilibrium of a tungsten filament. You create two tremendously resistant forces which explode that tungsten in two opposite directions—inwards and outwards. Heat appears where there was no heat. Friction likewise appears as a product of resistance where it was not heretofore present. Likewise incandescence appears where there has been no incandescence." [Home Study Course, 62 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.1]

"We must forever remember that this is a zero universe of rest which evidences its resistance to divided motion in what we term pressure. The measure of that pressure resistance is what man calls weight." [Home Study Course, 66 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.1]

This effect of motion is not one whit different from any other more simple regenerative effect.

Consider the rebirth of the human voice against the cliff side known as the echo.

Sound of the voice is an expression of accumulated energy which expands into silence in the surrounding low potential.

Approaching the cliff side however it impacts against the high pressure gradient of this concentrated energy and the resistance of this impact reverses its radiative expansion into regenerative contraction. [see Law of Cycles, Principle of Regeneration]

3.40 - The Cycle Theory Applied to Elements Diagram No. 3 clearly explains the generation of low pressure inert elements which freeze at minus zero centigrade up through the scale of increasing pressure to maximum in carbon then back again to degeneracy in the inert gases again.

Whirling Buttons of Centralized Force on Axis of Magnetic Light
Whirling Buttons of Centralized Force on Axis of Magnetic Light - Figure 3.21
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