Mr. Keely does not accept this theory. He says: "l consider the sun as a vast neutral centre to a system of worlds, and that its regeneration depends entirely upon the reactive sympathetic vibratory streams which, emanating from its own body, are received in the system of worlds it controls, and are sympathetically returned to it, to be projected again, until the vibratory force, that has controlled it through the ages; is expended." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE]

"Generating Mass seeks higher pressure zones. Degenerating Mass seeks lower pressure zones. Regeneration is effected by Degenerative Impact in inertia, thus reversing sex." [Russell]

As a result of all this the scales fell from the eyes of an ecclesiastical scholar, when I explained to him that the earthly remains of life (mineral and metallic trace-elements) were essential for the processes of reproduction, regeneration and upward evolution. Whereupon he responded, "My, but what a joke it would be, if we too had got hold of the wrong story! If the true rigmarole of the resurrection can only begin, when all the various cadavers are moved planetarily in the womb of All-Mother Earth, a motion the techno-academic school-aristocrats have now turned inside out and into the opposite, then after we've gone every last remnant of culture must also disappear!" [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Biological Vacuum - The Optimal Driving Force for Machines]

"While it is true in nature that man sees spring follow the winter, summer the spring; and growth, and the glory of its harvest, and then the continued routine; but is not EACH spring as RENEWED life???

So, does every act of love become in its application NOT AUTOMATICALLY but a? RENEWING, a regeneration, a GROWTH." [Cayce 601-11]

Sidney Gernsback
"The amplifying properties of the three-electrode vacuum tube can be used to obtain what is termed regeneration. Since it is possible to have greater output energy than input energy, part of the output may be returned to the input side thus resulting in amplification of energy or in regeneration. By feeding back the correct amount of energy and in the right phase relation a constant re-amplification may be obtained and the tube can be made to act as a generator of sustained oscillations." [Gernsback, Sidney; Radio Encyclopedia; Sidney Gernsback, 1927]

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