Lucifer, vol. IV, No. 19 - London, March 15th, 1889.

MR. KEELY'S opinion having been asked as to some of the theories and views advanced by the learned lecturer, he writes as follows:-

"Both atoms and ether are material, says Dr. Schimmel, adding "Chemistry forces us to accept this theory.''"

But this system does not classify the progressive order. Schimmel says "atoms and ether." Ether in its high tenuous condition is above the atomic, both in subdivision and in elastic range; and is the third in order below the luminiferous track in this subdivision. The interetheric is the second subdivision, and the compound inter-etheric is the luminiferous track proper. As long as there is anything to sub-divide this anything sub-divided represents matter; and subdivision can go on through infinity; never ending, and yet no ultimatum reached. The luminiferous track is the door that opens on the seventh subdivision, still leaving an infinite field beyond.* Yet, with all this, we are only verging on the threshold of research. Again Dr. Schimmel says, "The atoms are indivisible." Decidedly wrong. All corpuscules of matter can be sub-divided by a certain order of vibration, thus showing up new elements. Not mechanical vibration, but sympathetic vibration, induced by negatizing sympathetic streams.

I will add here that Mr. Keely demonstrates, in some of his experiments, that the magnetic needle, in pointing to the north, is merely the indicator that proves the direction of the flow of one of the sympathetic terrestrial streams. It is well known that the attractive power of the magnet is limited to a very small range. Independent of this sympathetic stream, its power could never be used as a medium to prove polar sympathy for this terrestrial current, the concentrating power of which is due north.

This magnetic stream, or terrestrial magnetic envelope, is the one that has the most powerful affinity for all neutral-centre conditions; radiating continually from such centres, and focalizing and concentrating on them at the same time; thus feeding and distributing in a manner to preserve perfect equation under the most sympathetic and vital velocity, positively

  • This is precisely what the Occult Sciences teach, and what more than one renowned Mystic and Kabalist has asserted in his time. In fact, as we have already remarked before now - Mr. Keely’s discoveries corroborate wonderfully the teachings of Occult Astronomy and other Sciences. - Ed.


and negatively. This perpetual polar activity is, in its conditions, similar to the sympathetic outflow and inflow of the forces that constantly keep our solar activity in a perfectly balanced state. The same conditions in a physical way are found in the circulation of the blood through the heart; Inflow and distribution, inflow again and re-distribution and also in the cerebral functions. Blue light represents one of the highest orders of sympathetic impulse, and gives forth a condition of etheric radiation that has a tendency to antagonize any differentiation that may exist in the neutral centres of all molecular masses outside of the mechanical.

Returning to Dr. Schimmel's lecture, we find this statement:- "Atoms are different in shape, as crystallization shows."

Mr. Keely calls this an absurd theory, and says: "All corpuscules, no matter how great the subdivision may be, remain an unalterable sphere in shape.* Their rotating envelopes are composed of tenuous matter, representing the high etheric in its order, having an affinity for the luminiferous condition. When dispersed by sympathetic vibration, they seek the luminous one, with the velocity of gravity, which is its tenuous coincident.

"Crystallization is the effect of an unalterable law of nature in aggregating molecular masses structurally, according to sympathetic conditions, representing the nature of the substance under aggregation. This condition of affinity is controlled by certain sympathetic streams of negative attraction. Thousands of different substances can receive their introductory impulses of aggregation from a single polarized stream. The infinite differentiations that take place from such a stream, in producing a variety of structures, is as unexplainable as is infinity itself.

"A volume of ether of the sixth order enveloping the earth the depth of the earth's diameter, if free of rotation, would carry this globe towards the luminous field with the velocity of a meteor.

"No conceivable power by pressure can force the atom, or the molecule, out of its spherical form. Its wonderful condition of elasticity causes it, if submitted to enormous pressure, to reduce in area, but does not change its shape. If submitted to the explosion of nitro-glycerine, which tears up the surface of the rock it is placed on, before displacing the surrounding atmosphere, it will no more effect the sphericity of the molecule than the waft of a butterfly's wing would roll a five hundred pound cannon ball up an inclined plane.

"Acoustic forces induce a vibration of the rotary envelopes of the different corpuscules of matter, but never differentially."

To return to Dr. Schimmel, who says:-

"A falling body is not attracted toward the earth; it is pressed toward it."

  • Such is the occult teaching - also - Ed.


Mr. Keely replies: "I cannot accept an argument of this kind, which would upset the Newtonian theory. There is no purer law of nature than the one of the attraction of gravitation. No matter how subtle or tenuous any gaseous product may be, it offers resistance to a falling body. I contend that a body projected through an atmospheric vacuum, even at a certain velocity, will meet resistance. It would not in an etheric vacuum, at any conceivable velocity."

Dr. Schimmel's comments upon the phenomena of heat, chemical affinity, molecular vibration, etc., are noticed by Mr. Keely as follows:-

"All conditions where chemical assimilation takes place induce heat; simply because the sympathetic unition of the molecular concordants move towards each other with wonderful percussive velocity. Heat is the result in the following order:-

"1st. Molecular percussion. 2nd. Molecular rupture. 3rd. Inter-molecular assimilation. 4th. Equation by vibration.

"Luminosity can never be induced by molecular vibration."

Mr. Keely proceeds to theorize upon this assertion: "conjecturing that luminosity might possibly be induced by inter-atomic vibrations, under certain conditions; adding, ''but it would necessitate exploring an unknown field, which might, in its wonderful intricacies, absorb a series of years. This would be a variation, and I never deal in variation, on high tenuity."

Dr. Schimmel’s theory of each string of a harp giving forth its own particular note, when the air passes through them, is not in accordance with Mr. Keely’s views; each particular note being, he thinks, produced by the volume of their molecular masses while under bombardment by atmospheric molecular percussion, and not by any particular quality of any other stream. Again, Dr. Schimmel asserts that the ether compensates the sun for the enormous amount of heat which it loses, by compressing the sun into a smaller volume.

Mr. Keely does not accept this theory. He says: "l consider the sun as a vast neutral centre to a system of worlds, and that its regeneration depends entirely upon the reactive sympathetic vibratory streams which, emanating from its own body, are received in the system of worlds it controls, and are sympathetically returned to it, to be projected again, until the vibratory force, that has controlled it through the ages; is expended."

Mr. Keely regards the sun as a dead body, an inert mass,* that has

  • Between Mr. Keely calling the Sun "a dead body," and the Occult Doctrine maintaining that what we call the Sun as a reflection of untold electric brightness, the "veil which covers and conceals the living Sun behind," there is but a difference in the mode of expression; the fundamental idea is the same. The shadow on the wall produced by a living man or object is the inanimate, or dead effect of an animate and living cause which intercepts the rays of light. The Sun we see is "an inert mass" of adumbrations, the unreal phantom of the real Sun, which, but for its veil, would consume our earth, and probably all the planets withs fierce radiancy. If it has been calculated of that solar "phantom" we see, that the heat emitted by it in a single second would be enough "to melt a shell of ice covering the entire surface of the earth to a depth of 1 mile 1,457 yards." What would be the intensity of sunlight if the invisible Sun were suddenly unveiled? And this is that will happen, the Occult Doctrine teaches, when the hour of Pralaya strikes - after the Sun himself will be disrupted. - Ed.


fallen into its negative condition through, or from, the loss of its triple sympathetic vibratory impulses, much on the order of the steel bar that has been vitalized by percussion, which Mr. Keely shows in his experiments to be active and sounding until the vibrations end in a vanishing point, thus leaving the molecular mass dead, or inert, until the proper impulse to renew its activity is given. In this new philosophy the different planets represent certain sympathetic chords or centres, all attuned to take part in one celestial melody, the same as the different chords of the piano. Necessarily the great plan of the Originator of "the music of the spheres" brings into life the proper ones, at the proper time, on the positive range; and neutralizes again at the proper time the negative ones on the neutral range; and thus the harmony of the spheres is maintained.

To return to Dr. Schimmel's lecture, he says: The rays of the sun, as rays, are cold and dark; in their interaction with atoms they produce heat and light.''"

Mr. Keely writes, "There is no language that can give any idea of the intense cold of the impulses emanating from this orb of day. All the thermal conditions are brought about by different orders of molecular activity, induced by sympathetic streams of three different conditions." In his "Expose," Mr. Keely calls these streams the "triune rays of Infinity.'

Dr. Schiimmel says that, where lighter and heavier metals are soldered, the molecules of the lighter metal will vibrate with greater intensity than those of the heavier metal, and will be forced to vibrate in a new plane around their centre of gravity; but here, again, Mr. Keely differs from him in opinion; agreeing with the expounders of what is called, "Substantial Philosophy," who hold that the striking of a bell liberates untold billions of corpuscles of matter from its own body; which, without the transmitting medium of the atmosphere, would never reach the ear. The corpuscles of the resonant body do not come in contact with the ear; but the vibrations, induced on the surrounding air molecules, which are in immediate contact with the bell, are transmitted by sympathetic vibration through the molecular field, not displacing one molecule during this transmission, any more than the disturbing of the intermediate balls strung on a wire, between the one that receives the percussion on one end, and the one that transmits it at the other, would affect these balls at the two extremes.

It is evident that Mr. Keely's labours still lie in the field of experiment, and that in his researches he is grappling with problems, the existence of which seems to be incomprehensible to scientists. Again, Amiel’s words are suggested: "Science is a madness occupied with tabulating its own hallucinations." C. J. B. M.

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