Music of the Spheres

"All planetary masses Keely calls terrestrial, showing in his writing that the beauty of the celestial concordant chords of sympathy forming the harmonious connective link, in what may be denominated "the music of the spheres," is seen in the alternate oscillating range of motion between the planetary systems; for at a certain range of the greater distance, harmony is established, and the attractive forces are brought into action, under the command, "Thus far shalt thou go, and no further." Then in the return towards the neutral centers, when at the nearest point to each other, the opposite or propulsive force is brought into play; and "thus near shalt thou come, and no nearer;" advancing and receding under the celestial law of etheric compensation and restoration, as originally established by the Great Creator." Keelys Contributions to Science

"The music of the spheres" is a reality. "The finer the power the greater the force." Thus, the inaudible atomic, etheric, and interetheric sounds, which control and direct the harmony of the movements of the celestial universe, are the most powerful of all sounds. If our faculty of hearing were a hundred billions of times intensified, we might be able to hear the streams of light as plainly as we now hear the sighings of the wind." Keelys Contributions to Science

"Earth music is melodic and chains you to earth. The 'music of the spheres' which you hear with inner ears, is deeply tonal, not melodic. The rhythms and tones of Nature's music which sing its octaves in the language of Light have always within them the pulsing rhythms of the universal heartbeat, always the one-two, one-two pulsing of the Father-Mother heartbeat of borning-reborning forms of things, which manifest the Father-Mother pulsing rhythms of the Soul's high heavens.

"Always in your deep meditation the music of the silences from which sounds of earth spring is like unto the aftermath of the great symphonies by cosmic masters, which have refolded from sounds of earth which your ears have heard, into your very Soul, which still hears them in the pulse-beat of your imagining." Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 1.2

"Think, for a moment, of the music of the waves upon the shore, of the morning as it breaks with the music of nature, of the night as it falls with the hum of the insect, of all the kingdoms as they unite in their song of appreciation to an all-creative influence that gives nature consciousness or awareness of its being itself, and harmonize that in thine own appreciation, as to bring music akin to the song of the spheres." [Cayce 2581-2]

"For this is the manner... MUSIC... in which distances may be spanned; in which all realms of thought may find a greater outlet of expression; and in which the heart may be raised to a comprehension of the relationships. For, as is oft expressed, the angels seeing - and the music of the spheres, as in color and relationship - this becomes the means or manner that is universal in its activity in its activity upon the minds and souls of men." Cayce (1938-1)

- "For the entity was a student under Saint Cecilia, who attained to the realms close to infinity; or was able to interpret the music of the spheres, which is as the voices of the night, the rhapsody of the moon upon the water, and the voice of a sunrise." Cayce (5056-1)

"For it is not strange, that music, color, vibration are all a part of the planets, just as the planets are a part and a pattern of the whole universe." Cayce (5755-1) See Astrology; (Tyndall, John; Sound; Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1893.)

"Do keep the music of the spheres, the light of the stars, the softness of the moonlight upon the water or upon the trees. For nature in its song - as of the birds, as of the bees - makes music to the Creator, and this is contributed to man." Cayce (5265-1)

"that the material expression in the music may find that which may be as from the spheres..." Cayce (5265)

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