harmony of the spheres

"Mr. Keely regards the sun as a dead body, an inert mass,* that has fallen into its negative condition through, or from, the loss of its triple sympathetic vibratory impulses, much on the order of the steel bar that has been vitalized by percussion, which Mr. Keely shows in his experiments to be active and sounding until the vibrations end in a vanishing point, thus leaving the molecular mass dead, or inert, until the proper impulse to renew its activity is given. In this new philosophy the different planets represent certain sympathetic chords or centres, all attuned to take part in one celestial melody, the same as the different chords of the piano. Necessarily the great plan of the Originator of "the music of the spheres" brings into life the proper ones, at the proper time, on the positive range; and neutralizes again at the proper time the negative ones on the neutral range; and thus the harmony of the spheres is maintained." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE, page 140]

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