Polar Interchange - Part I

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Polar Interchange - Part I
by Dale Pond
Pond Science Institute
version 2.2, March 08, 2013
©Dale Pond, 2013


This document, originally written by Walter and Lao Russell titled "Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator", has been extensively annotated and redacted to include everything possible to more fully answer
"...the riddle of the cause of (power) regeneration..." [QV]

Power Regeneration [and Power Multiplication] is of course an important dynamic within Russell's Rhythmic Balanced Interchange which Keely called Dynaspheric Force many decades earlier. The purpose of this redaction is to explore and hopefully decipher this riddle which has gone unanswered for years. It is not satisfying to dogmatically accept the usual "just because it does". Interestingly there is enough understanding to, at the least, get a much fuller and accurate image of the many dynamics involved in this simple yet complex transformation from contracting to expanding dynamics. Russell described the WHAT of the process in many ways but it was Keely's insights expressed in his laws that illustrated HOW and WHY.

There appear to be two major methods of achieving ever increasing power manifestations. The first is the method outlined in this Russell paper wherein tenuous scalar forces are incrementally accumulated into ever increasing power levels from dynamic tensions between +1 and -1 potential levels to unlimited power at the Critical Tension level of +4 and -4. The second method is releasing the potential power already set at higher levels such as are found in specific atoms and their constituent particles, the method Keely used in his liberation processes. This paper looks at the first method and we'll leave the second method for a later opportunity.

Nothing has been changed in the original material. Additions have been placed within brackets [], within boxes or as otherwise marked. Images have been added where possible to illustrate the text. This document is in four parts. This redacted document is intended for those who have a good background in either Russell or Keely, preferably both. If you do not have a strong background in these materials, study this document and especially the links within the SVPwiki.com to get up to speed. Throughout all Parts of this paper the following terms apply:


all governed by the Foundation laws of SVP; i.e., Law of Assimilation, Law of Sympathetic Association, Law of Sympathetic Vibration, Law of Sympathetic Oscillation Law of Attraction [see Bjerknes Effect]

Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator

Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator

Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator - Figure 1.0
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)
Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator

Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator - Figure 1.1
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)
Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator

Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator - Figure 1.1.1
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

1.10 - Explanation
This new power and light generator employs a multiplication principle which has not yet entered within the realm of human consciousness, just as the principle of electronics or atomic energy had not entered human consciousness fifty years ago. It is more important than electronics is, however, for it opens the door to a new era in higher electronics, higher mathematics and transmutation.

It is the principle of growth in nature which multiplies one kernel of corn into thousands, or which multiplies inert gases of minus zero melting points into solids of over 3000°; or multiplies the cold of space into hot stars and novas of incredibly high temperature. [see 1.11.5 - Syntropy a Sketch]

The reason it has never been known is because of the false concept of gravity which assumes it to be a force of attraction which pulls inward from within instead of a cyclic force which controls the compression of cold into heat, and the expansion of heat into cold. Another reason it has never been known is because of our wrong concept of thermodynamics which places heat as the basis of energy instead of cold, of which heat is its sole product, and the consequent law of entropy which provides no uphill flow of energy to balance its downward flow, as fully evidenced in every wave and in every growing body of nature. [see 7.2 - Rhythmic Balanced Interchange]

Cold like Electricity Compresses
Cold like Electricity Compresses - Figure 1.2 [1.32 - Complete Contraction Expansion Cycle|see 1.32]

1.11 - Power multiplication
Power multiplication is the most conspicuous characteristic of nature. It is amazing to me that it has never yet been discovered, nor has the nature of light, the ONE THING of the universe, been discovered. For this reason the optic nature of matter has not been discovered. If it had been, our research laboratories would not make such primitive coils as those in current use everywhere. Attached to this letter [see above image Figure 1.0] is a drawing showing how coils should be wound to divide light into pairs, but a coil of one section is like one wheel of a pulley which has but a fraction of the power it could have by adding another, and still another wheel, or that a large wheel would be able to impart by gearing a smaller, slower moving wheel to it. [see Syntropy, Inverse Square Law]

1.12 - Order and Disorder
Science does recognize these two states. One would think the second state (Syntropy) or (Order) would get more interest since it is the state that generates or multiplies force. It is the Life side of the Life / Death cycle. [see Order and Disorder]
Disorder, Entropy

Disorder - Entropy (click to enlarge)
Order, Syntropy

Order - Syntropy (click to enlarge)

Entropy and Syntropy in a System

Entropy has often been loosely associated with the amount of order, disorder, and/or chaos in a thermodynamic system. The traditional qualitative description of entropy is that it refers to changes in the status quo of the system and is a measure of "molecular disorder" and the amount of wasted energy in a dynamical energy transformation from one state or form to another. In this direction, several recent authors have derived exact entropy formulas to account for and measure disorder and order in atomic and molecular assemblies. One of the simpler entropy order / disorder formulas is that derived in 1984 by thermodynamic physicist Peter Landsberg, based on a combination of thermodynamics and information theory arguments. He argues that when constraints operate on a system, such that it is prevented from entering one or more of its possible or permitted states, as contrasted with its forbidden states, the measure of the total amount of - disorder - in the system is given by the first equation. Similarly, the total amount of "order" in the system is given by the second equation.

In which CD is the "disorder" capacity of the system, which is the entropy of the parts contained in the permitted ensemble, CI is the "information" capacity of the system, an expression similar to Shannon's channel capacity, and CO is the "order" capacity of the system. Wikipedia, Order and Disorder

1.12.1 - Entropy
Chaos, Centrifugal, disordering, dispersion, running down, Vacuous, Space (as opposed to matter).

Mutually dispersive, radiant. Fleeing from a common center. Mutual repulsion. Russell's Mother, Radiation, Magnetic or Radiant Energy and Keely's Positive Propulsion.

Increasing Entropy over Time
Increasing Entropy, Dispersion over Time Figure 1.3
(source unknown)

1.12.2 - Syntropy
Also known as anti-entropy, Ordering, Centropy, Negentropy, Centripetal, Father Forces, Implosion, Gravitation, Sympathy, negative entropy

Negentropy, negative entropy. Mutually and reciprocally attractive, Love. Attracting to common center, self-ordering. Mutual attraction to void. Russell's Father Force and generative force. Keely's Negative Attraction, assimilation. Also Life, Life Force, affinity, harmony. Syntropy is highly sympathetic. Syntropy obeys the Inverse Square Law as also Coulomb's Law. [see Fusion]

Gluon is presumed to be the smallest unit of syntropy or attractive force. [see Strong Force]

"In 1974, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi proposed replacing the term negentropy with syntropy. That term may have originated in the 1940s with the Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappie, who tried to construct a unified theory of biology and physics." Wikipedia, Negentropy

1.14 - Order and Chaos

Order and Chaos
by Dale Pond, 10/29/02

A lot could be said about orderliness and its precursor chaos. Chaos being our misinterpretation of that which we think we preceive. Chaos precedes order or synchronous beingness, activity. The Rosicrucians have a concept of periodicity that ranges from order to chaos and back to order. [see Rhythmic Balanced Interchange] Chaos being experienced in the seventh period of any cycle. They call this seventh period the destructive period where the old is torn down making ready for the new cycle of order to be builded on/from the remains - the metaphysical or alchemical symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old.

Then there is the apparent chaos of the physical world which some view as a real thing to be isolated and studied as a separate thing, taken out of context of the Oneness of everything else that is. Poor science that divides and separates.

Scalar electromagnetics also solves one of the greatest problems of quantum mechanics - that of the missing chaos. Since partial order is now infolded into the structure of the vacuum, quantum mechanics acquires an "already chaotic" basis. For an excellent lay discussion of the missing chaos problem, see Robert Pool, Quantum Chaos: Engima Wrapped in a Mystery, Science, 243(4893), Feb. 17, 1989, p. 893-895. For a more technical discussion, see P.V. Elyutin, The Quantum Chaos Problem, Sov. Phys. Usp. 31(7), July, 1988, p. 596-622.''" [Bearden]

Quieting the thinking of the mind is constructive because quieting the thinking allows the duality / polarity of thinking to subside. In this manner healing (the natural whole orderly state) is resumed.

"The MIND acts upon the resuscitating forces of the physical being, by and through suggestion. Just so there may be the realization that spiritual forces are a part of the whole physical being. For, the REAL being is the spiritual import, intent and purpose, see? Thus a meditation, a centralizing, a localizing of the mind upon those portions of the system affected." Cayce (1992-3)

Mind is that quiescent latent state yet in its evolution or devolution into matter undergoes a cycle of change from the One quiet state to a state we interprete as chaos. It builds up then disassembles itself making ready to build up anew. One could liken these two states to meditation and thinking of the will.

Q-Definition of the word MIND.

A-"That which is the active force in an animate object; that is the spark, or image of the Maker. Mind is the force that is in direct opposition of the will. ..." Cayce (3744-1)

So we get what we are thinking about. Mind creates a "holographic" projection of what it contains.

"That which the mind of a soul - a soul - dwells upon, it becomes, for mind is the builder. And if the mind is in attune with the law of the force that brought the soul into being, it becomes spiritualized in the activity (Oneness). If the mind is dwelling upon or directed in that desire towards the activities of the carnal influences (polarity/duality), then it becomes destructive (into chaos)." Cayce (262-63)

Chaos is part of the process of being orderly. Order degrades to chaos then chaos organizes into order (form). This is a continuous process. This being the case there is no good or bad associated with either state unless desire is for something other than what is present. For instance water vapor in a state of chaos may be changed into orderly and beautiful crystals of snow by slowing down the rotational velocities and speeding up its orbital velocities. Water vapor particles may be in a chaotic state as compared to ice crystals but none can doubt their desirability in the form of clouds of rain.

Chaos is what I've been calling the Dispersed Field or Field of Dispersion. Russell calls it the Inertia Field boundaring the Inertial Plane. Keely referred to it as the Celestial realm. The useable (free) energy (for us) comes or occurs when this chaos re-organizes in its centralization or focalization of accumulating force. There is the same amount of energy in the Dispersed Field as at its center. The difference is coherency or concentration much like a magnifying glass does to dispersed sunlight.

1.20 - Purpose of Optic Generator
The Russell Optic Generator is for the purpose of replacing the present very primitive power generator now in use, which violates every principle which nature makes use of for power generation. The resultant infinitesimal power which it thus generates by friction and induction is not only very costly but it is the hard complex way instead of the easy simple way. Theoretically, the Russell generator should give 4,096 times the power that the present generator gives, but that is mechanically impossible for the reasons which will be given with the drawings. Extended coils of wire weaken with every superimposed layer while lenses contain all of their power within their boundaries.

Geometry and Mathematics of Octave Waves

Geometry and Mathematics of Octave Waves - Figure 1.4
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)
Focalizing Lenses at nested Cube faces

Focalizing Lenses at nested Cube Faces - Figure 1.5
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)

1.26 - Lenses are 3D
Russell's lense idea was illustrated in 2D on paper. In reality the lense idea is a 3D phenomena plus Time. Quite a bit of work has been done with squares, circles and their relationships, "Squaring the Circle" or "Quadrature of the Circle". Some of this work has been included in the SVPwiki:

Quadrature of the Circle
Table 12.02 - Length Area and Volume Math
Figure 6.17 - Areas and Volumes - Relations and Proportions
Figure 6.19 - Sphere to Cube - Relations and Proportions

Most of this prior work has been done in 2D (two axis on paper, i.e.; ALL of Russell's and Keely's drawings). Nature works in 3D (three axis in space, not to include Time or Dimensions at this juncture) so we have to deal with "Cubing the Sphere" as I have come to call it. Some of that work has been posted to the SVPwiki, some not yet. The Lyndon LaRouche people have been working in this area for some time as they resurrect the works of some scientists now more or less forgotten. [see Magnitude]. I believe Russell's work will come alive once his drawings are rendered as 3D animations. Russell did make efforts to show the 3D function or matrix as can be seen in Figures 1.6 & 1.12 below and in other illustrations.

Three Axis Matrix
Three Axis Matrix - Figure 1.6

1.30 - Harmonic Concentration
In regard to the lenses idea it is my belief Russell was referring to a self-assimilating (syntropic / negentropic) substance(s) or state of conditions that concentrates to a center (mutual grouping) via mutual assimilation. For a substance (gas, plasma) to do this the individual particles (if we're talking plasma, light, mesons, etc.) would all have to be sympathetic one to another thus mutually assimilating each other into a more and more compact concentration. To me the lenses appear to be virtual lenses (much like the virtual cube idea) whose presence and location are determined by periodic 'sets' of harmonic states (node conjugations) which Keely referred to as 'concentric rings' where upon such states congregate (come to rest) - not unlike electron orbit rings - but extending greater radii. It is presumed (with good reason) this self-concentration acts according to the Inverse Square Law. These concentric rings are not unlike the nodes forming with Chladni Plate Vibrations or Cymatics images.Dale Pond [see 9.23 - Circular Harmonic Orbit, 10.07 - Centers of Mutual Attraction, Law of Attraction]
Concentric Rings
Concentric Rings of Attraction and Repulsion - Figure 1.7

Bjerknes Effect
Concentric Rings
Inverse Square Law

Locked Potentials and the Square Law

I believe, however, that even this first try-out model will deliver from 50 to 300 times the power now obtained by the friction and induction process given to the world by Faraday.

It will help to comprehend nature's optical method of power multiplication by pointing out the violations of nature which the present dynamo makes use of.

Nature's first principle of power production and the construction of matter is to produce heat from the cold of space. The heat thus generated radiates back into cold to complete the wave cycle which automatically repeats itself in this ageless universe of an infinite continuity. [see 5.8.5 - The complete Contraction Expansion Cycle is as follows, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, 12.30 - Thermal Radiation and Thermal Vacuum or Cold]

1.32 - Complete Contraction Expansion Cycle
Centripetal - Electric Domination [Contraction]
Cold generates [applied vacuum as vacuum is cold]
Generating bodies contract [swirling to center]
Contracting bodies heat [molecular and atomic structures squeeze out interatomic orbits]

Centrifugal - Magnetic Domination [Radiation]
Heating bodies radiate [reach out enharmonically]
Radiating bodies repel [bodies = molecular or atomic structures]
Repelling bodies expand [media composed of molecular or atomic bodies]
Expanding bodies cool [molecular and atomic media]

Thus the cycle of opposition is completed. One effect of motion is always followed by its opposite:

Centripetal - Electric Domination [Contraction]
Cold integrates [cold swirls to center]
Integrating bodies decelerate rotation [spin slows]
Decelerated rotation contracts [orbit radius decreases]
Contracting bodies heat [molecular and atomic media]

Centrifugal - Magnetic Domination [Radiation]
Heating bodies disintegrate [exceeds orbital gravity]
Disintegrating bodies accelerate rotation [spin increases]
Accelerated rotation expands [orbit radius increases]
Expanding bodies cool [decreased aggregation]

Walter Russell, The Universal One (notations in brackets added)

Every wave is a perfect dynamo, but the very purpose of waves is to generate heat in its armatures at wave amplitude points. That is the only way waves create matter. Carbon, for example, is the amplitude element of its octave. Its melting point is 3600° centigrade. Every sun in the heavens is flaming carbon, and every sun is the armature of its dynamo-wave.

The present dynamo ignores this basic fact completely. It cools its armature by laminating it. It then rotates its armature the wrong way, because of a belief in non-existent "lines of force" in magnetic fields which they are cutting by thus turning. Nature's armatures rotate upon their axis in planes of their equators, without exception in the universe. All spherical bodies of matter in all this universe are wheels which roll around their orbits on their equatorial rims. They do not spin on their rims around a false equatorial axis, as armatures in modern dynamos are forced to do.

To emulate nature's process a dynamo should generate much heat and become a Reactor, connected with a steam turbine, as Nuclear Reactors operate. The greater the heat thus generated the more power lines can be taken off from the large equatorial wheel which the turbine will motivate.

Every armature in nature gives off many thousands of times more than its cathodes gave to it. Every star is a step-up transformer with four step-ups between the cathode zero and its anode maximum [see 4plusplus]. Each step-up is an octave above its predecessor. Its ratio is as follows: 0 - 8 - 64 - 512 - 4,096. It is this octave step-up multiplication which creates density and raises melting points.

Power Multiplication and Octaves

Distance, Area and Volume Ratios - Figure 1.8
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)
Power Multiplication and Octaves

Volume Compression from 0 to 4++, Octave and Wave Structure - Figure 1.9
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

1.40 - The New Thermodynamics for complete Contraction Expansion Cycle

First Law: Cold generates energy. Heat radiates energy. Cold multiplies. It cannot be divided. Heat divides. It cannot be multiplied.

Second Law: Every reaction must be preceded by its equal action. Heat is the reaction of cold. Heat could not come into existence save for the compressive action of cold. (The law of entropy, therefore, has no place in nature.)

1.40.1 - Law of Heat
"Atoms under the tension of chemical combination oscillate with an amplitude directly as the temperature, inversely as the pressure, and as the square of the specific heat. Diminishing the pitch of oscillation inversely as the square of the distance of the atoms apart, and simultaneously increasing the vibrating pitch of the atom by absorption of overtones and higher harmonics." Keely, 1894

Third Law: Cold and heat express their opposition at angles of 90° from each other. Cold extends along axis and the axis of all bodies of creating matter where rotation is minimum, while heat expansion is maximum at equatorial planes where speed of motion is maximum. [see Law of Cycles, Light Rings formed at 90 Degrees to Magnetic Center Line]

1.40.2 - Wave Cycle
Single Mode Electric Vector Generating Circular Motion at 90° also Shown within Triple Vectors

Single Vector - Figure 1.10 (click to enlarge)
Single Mode Electric Vector Generating Circular Motion at 90° also Shown within Triple Vectors

Triple Vector - Figure 1.11 (click to enlarge)
Single Mode Electric Vector Generating Circular Motion at 90° also Shown within Triple Vectors.

Fourth Law: Cold compresses. Compression multiplies cold into heat. Heat expands. Expansion divides heat into cold. Cold and heat, like life and death, constitute a wave cycle. In all nature there is no effect which is not wave created, and all waves are cyclic.

Wave Cycle

Wave Cycle - Figure 1.12 (click to enlarge)
Wave Cycle

Wave Cycle - Figure 1.13 (click to enlarge)
Wave Cycle

(Again, I repeat, that the law of entropy, and the belief that energy does not run "up-hill", have no place in nature.)

Fifth Law: When motion begins heat begins. This entire universe is a varied measure of the heat of motion. This entire wave universe is a varied measure of heat and motion. Long low waves of low heat potential constitute the invisible light spectrum, while short high waves of high heat potential and low frequencies constitute the visible spectrum. [see 14.06 - Differentiation, Chemism, infrared, Ultraviolet]

Colors, Tones, Dimensions

Break-out of Colors, Tones and Attributes - Figure 1.14
(click to enlarge)
Dimension Relationships

Dimension Relationships - Figure 1.15
(click to enlarge)
Dimension Relationships

Sixth Law: The emergence of heating matter in motion from the static cold of space begins at the indigo-blue and blue-violet ends of the spectrum and builds up to the white centered yellow, through red and green, until the maximum heat equatorial plane is reactive at an angle of 90° from the static axis of cold. [see angle of incidence, Figure 5.7 - Vortices on Three Planes 90 Degrees to Each Other, 6.3 - Six Directions, Flemings Rule, transverse, 16.07 - Electricity is a Polar Exchange]

Electric Centering Shaft around which dances Magnetic Vectors
Electric Centering Shaft around which dances Magnetic Vectors - Figure 1.16

Note: The import of the spectrum has been very much neglected in man's cosmogony of a universe which consists of only one thing - LIGHT. [atomic pitches are more important working data than Atomic weights; tables of atomic pitches must be precise." Keely see Law of Atomic Pitch]

1.40.3 - Law of Atomic Pitch

"Atoms have each a different and definite pitch, at which they naturally vibrate.

Scholium: atomic pitch is determined directly from its simple spectrum.

Scholium: atomic pitch is determined by computations from its associate spectrum with all other atoms, as in known spectra.

Scholium: atomic pitches are more important working data than Atomic weights; tables of atomic pitches must be precise."

1.50 - Conclusion
The most tragic lacks which retard scientific progress are:

1. The complete lack of knowledge of the nature of light - the ONE THING of the universe, and the almost complete lack of knowledge of the light-wave which is the worker of nature's miracles. [see Light]

From One Comes all seeming things through Refraction or Differentiation
From One Comes all seeming things through Refraction or Differentiation - Figure 1.17

2. The misconception of the universe as an electromagnetic one instead of an optical, photo-sensitive, gravity controlled universe of divided light pressures. [see Gravity]

Pressure Zones
Pressure Zones - Figure 1.18

3. The complete blank gap in science regarding the sex-principle, and its relation to the spectrum, which causes every element of matter to be created in pairs. [see Polarity, Duality, Figure 2.12.1 - Polarity or Duality]

Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle

Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle - Figure 1.19 (courtesy of University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

[see Differential Pressure Zones in Antagonism cause Rotation]

4. The failure to observe that there are four pairs of focal light poles in the bar magnet instead of two. This has caused science to believe that matter is either positively or negatively "charged" instead of being variously conditioned by the octave series of spectrum light pressures of gravity which control the construction of matter. The only approach to this recognition of power multiplication by science is the orderly octave principle, as shown in the Mendeleev table of the elements and its recognition of valence as a power step-up in chemistry. [see Figures 1.9 & 1.13, 12.01 - Scale of Locked Potentials]

Bar Magnet

Two bar magnets becoming one magnet - Figure 1.20 (click to enlarge)
Bar Magnet

Two bar magnets becoming one magnet - Figure 1.21 (click to enlarge)

5. The misconception of gravity as a force of attraction which pulls inward from within. The only force which motivates the heart beat of this universe is the cyclic wave force of gravity which expands and compresses, heats and cools, integrates and disintegrates, centripetally and centrifugally. [see gravity]

Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves
Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves - Figure 1.22

6. The total lack of knowledge of the purpose and workings of the inert gases and their relation to growth control from the seed, and their power multiplication principle [see 1.32] which causes all effects of motion to step-up from their zero cold static condition to white hot heat and power conditions. [see Inert Gas]

Zero Planes of Depolar Inertia
Zero Planes of Depolar Inertia versus 4++ Centralizations of Polar Matter - Figure 1.23
"These loops are not like continuous cylinders of force, they are divided into whirling buttons or discs separated from each other in accordance with the force of the current." [Polar Interchange - Part III]

These are the most important of the many lacks in the scientific structure which complex its cosmogony, and renders laboratory techniques difficult and wasteful.

Any commercial laboratory which had this knowledge would have such a great command over matter that it would be the most powerful corporation on the earth.

Walter Russell
Lao Russell

See Also
The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration and Toroids see for detailed information on the dynamics of the Optic Dynamo Generator

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