14.06 - Differentiation


Differentiation is not unlike refraction wherein a WHOLE is divided into its constituent or aliquot parts; i.e., a rainbow, for instance, divided into its three main components - viz. - HEAT (infrared / red rays), LIGHT (yellow / white rays) and CHEMICAL (blue / ultraviolet rays). (This, in my opinion, is one of the ideas Keely discovered in Hughes' Harmonies of Tones and Colours - Developed by Evolution - the triple nature of a whole.) This whole (as an octave), when differentiated as above described, represents a harmonic chord of C, E, and G respectively.

Rainbow is Differentiated White Light
Differentiated White (not visible) Light into Visible Light

"Differentiation, by compound negative vibration of their neutral centers, causes antagonism, and thus the great attractive power that aggregates them becomes one of dispersion or expansion, accompanied by immense velocity of rotation, which carries its influence through the whole volume of air, 230 cubic inches contained in sphere, within its 33 1/3 chord of its circle of coincidence. By this wire of platinum and silver the current of force is now passed to run the vibratory disk, thus altogether upsetting the "compressed air" theory of Professor Barkes, Dr. Hall, and others of less note." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries]

  • Keely used "negative" in the same way Russell used "positive". Keely is here referencing the collision of two or more Father Force streams (syntropy) as they clash together at Russell's 4++ octave position - then, by their fierce interaction, create overtones as depicted in Russell's charts of the elements.
Figure 14.01 - Overtones Developed Musically Showing Up as Isotopes along the Vertical Axis of this Chart.
Figure 14.01 - Overtones Developed Musically Showing Up as Isotopes along the Vertical Axis of this Chart.

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