The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration and Toroids

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The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration
Keely's Laws of Being - The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration

New book (12/01/13) by Dale Pond. This work describes the unseen (scalar) components of a vibration (in and out toroidal motions), their relationships and dynamical functions - based on Keely's proportions of 3, 6 and 9 as explained in Professor Daniel Brinton's Laws of Being. This book is a follow-up (volume II) of The Physics of Love published in 1994. The forces described in this book are the unseen (scalar) forces Keely manipulated to achieve some of the remarkable feats of science and engineering accredited to him yet not understood by the rest of us. Everything in the universe vibrates. Therefore by understanding the inner nature of vibration we can have a more accurate view of nature and what makes it tick. These forces, working in specific combinations of 3, 6 and 9 are the very wheelwork of nature as they govern all vibrations or matter and manifestations as energy. 8 1/2" X 11", Perfect Bound. Current edition 3.0.

Many have offered the Tesla quote: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." Nikola Tesla. But no reference has ever been found (to date) that Tesla ever said this. In my search to find the source of this quote I did encounter many references where Keely spoke about these numbers. As I dug deeper into the Keely literature it became obvious there is something here that needs to be explored and developed. And that is exactly what I did with this new book. Have you ever wondered why the poles of a magnet or electric current are different from each other? What makes one pole different from the other pole? According to Keely poles of a current are effects of subtler forces (scalar), three in number. By identifying and manipulating the proportions of the mix of these causative forces the poles can be mixed or even switch from one to the other - not unlike Russell's "rhythmic balanced interchange" of switching polarities within or as toroidal motions. What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles any time you wished?

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Table of Contents

01 - Preface

02 - Introduction
02.1 - What this book is
02.2 - Hindsight is mostly 20/20
02.3 - Original Concepts
02.4 - A word of warning
02.5 - How to use this book
02.6 - Generalities and Idealism
02.7 - Ether as a Working Fluid
02.8 - Footnotes

03 - Table of Contents

10 - Love in Science and Physics
10.1 - First and foremost sympathy is Love
10.2 - Love in Science and Physics
10.3 - "Where there is no sympathy
10.4 - The state or condition known as Love
10.5 - Looking at the substance of the rock
10.6 - Thus this underlying sympathy
10.7 - Sympathy is simply another word for Love
10.8 - It is this sympathy or sympathetic affinity
10.9 - Having said all that it must be also stated
10.10 - This state of pure Sympathy

20 - Sympathy
20.1 - First and foremost sympathy is Love
20.1.1 - Should we replace the non-existent
20.1.2 - Atomoles - Primordial Particles filling all Space
20.1.3 - Walter Russell refers to these excitable (plastic) centers
20.2 - Keely and SVP
20.2.1 - "In setting the conditions of molecular sympathetic transmission
20.2.2 - "There is no force in all creation
20.2.3 - "Sympathy, like a human electricity
20.2.4 - "The powers of electricity
20.2.5 - "It is a law of falling bodies
20.2.6 - "When object A is in sympathy with object B
20.4 - Sympathy Defined
20.4.2 - noun: a relation of affinity
20.4.3 - noun: In natural history
20.4.4 - "For the sake of being popularly understood, sympathy
20.4.5 - 1. Pertaining to or produced by sympathy
20.4.6 - "The mutual relation between parts more or less distant
20.4.7 - 1. a. A real or supposed affinity
20.4.8 - 1. b. A relation between two bodily organs
20.4.9 - 2. Agreement, accord, Harmony, consonance, concord
20.4.10 - 3. a. Conformity of feelings, inclinations
20.4.11 - 3. b. The quality or state of being affected
20.4.12 - Sympathy (Page: 1462) Sympathy
20.4.13 - 1. Feeling corresponding to that which another feels
20.4.14 - 2. An agreement of affections or inclinations
20.4.15 - 3. Kindness of feeling toward one who suffers
20.4.16 - 4. (Physiol.) (a) The reciprocal influence
20.4.17 - 5. A tendency of inanimate things to unite
20.4.18 - 6. Similarity of function, use office, or the like

25 - Mind and Mind Force
25.1 - Mind is Force
25.2 - Whole vs Split Mind
25.3 - Mind is of the Sixth and Seventh Subdivisions
25.4 - Keely - Substance and Nature of Mind Force
25.5 - Russell
25.6 - Mind is a Substance

30 - What is Vibration?
30.0 - A Vibration Is
30.0.1 - Three Forces action on all Matter and Energy
30.0.2 - Law of Attraction
30.0.3 - Law of Repulsion
30.0.4 - Law of the Dominant, Mind or Etheric
30.1 - What a Vibration is NOT
30.2 - Vibration vs Oscillation
30.2.1 - Vibration as Pulsations
30.2.2 - Oscillations as Motions about a non-enclosed Center
30.3 - Wave Propagation
30.4 - Source (Scalar) Potential to Polar Motion
30.4.1 - Law of Cycles
30.5 - Cavitation, Sonoluminescense and 4++ potential
30.6 - Quotes

40 - Laws of Being
40.1 - Introduction
40.2 - Rhythmical Relations
I. The fundamental conception of the Universe is
40.2.1 - "This principle of rhythmic balanced interchange
40.2.2 - MacVicar writes: "Every individualized object
40.2.3 - These modes are today much like what we call "Phase"
II. "This definition is exhaustive - Chart showing location of Three Mode Frequencies
III. "The rhythmic relations in which force acts
40.2.4 - Within this and related SVP documents
40.3 - Threefold Relations
IV. "These threefold relations may be expressed
40.3.1 - Each of the above dynamics
40.4 - Three Laws of Being
V. "From these three actions are derived the three fundamental
I. Law of Assimilation
II. Law of Individualization
III. Law of the Dominant
40.4.1 - Law of Sympathetic Association
40.4.2 - The Law of Assimilation acts
40.4.3 - Law of Attraction
40.4.4 - Law of Sympathetic Oscillation
40.5 - Infinite Neutral Mind Centers and Controls All Motion
40.5.1 - Should we replace the non-existent infinitely small strings
VI. “Applying these fundamental laws
40.6 - Three Modes of Vibration
VII. "The essential differences give rise to three modes of vibration:
I. The Radiating
II. The Focalizing
III. The Dominant
40.7 - Polarity or Duality
VIII. “These, it will be noted, correspond to the three Laws of Being
40.8 - Keely's Three Modes of Vibration
40.8.1 - "By use of the dominant mode
40.9 - Table of Modes Correspondences
IX. "It is not to be understood that any one of these three modes
40.9.1 - Relations of Thirds
40.9.2 - Ratios and Proportions of Thirds
X. "The evolution of what is called matter
XI. "Where the vibrations under this mode meet
40.9.3 - Center of Sympathetic Coincidence or Neutral Center
XII. "The terms 'neutral attraction', 'neutral affinity'
40.10 - Subdivisions of Individualized Being
XIII. "As no current or flow of force can be composed of one mode
40.10.1 - Table of Subdivisions of Matter and Energy
40.11 - Arithmetical and Geometric Progressions
XIV. In this list forms of matter are arranged
XV. The arithmetical progression changes
XVI. "This same method of progression
40.12 - Progression Types and Links
40.12.1 - Linear or Melodic Progression
40.12.2 - Music is linear while energy is volumetric
40.13 - Three Major Orders
XVII. "Actually, however, all matter of which we are capable
40.13.1 - The above are not "things" but are forms
XVIII. "In each of which the controlling mode of vibration
40.13.2 - The above three modes combine in unique proportions
40.14 - Table 2 - Controlling Modes and Proportions
XIX. "But it must be understood that each of these modes
40.15 - Foundational Concepts
XX. "It will be seen that as every form of material aggregation
40.15.1 - This balance or equation of Father-Mother Forces
XXI. "This is the foundation of Keely's doctrine of "latent force"
40.15.2 - matter is the result of three forces or modes of vibration
40.15.3 - Latent Force, Keely
XXII. "Insomuch as every mass of matter consists thus
40.15.4 - There exists, by virtue and attributes of sympathy
XXIII. "Every visible or tangible mass of matter must be regarded
40.15.5 - We now know that attraction is an effect of Syntropy
XXIV. These molecules have been experimentally proved by Keely
XXV. "When in that state of neutral aggregation
40.16 - Molecular Range of Oscillatory Motion
40.17 - Disturbance of Equilibrium
XXVI. It is through the disturbance of this oscillatory equilibrium
40.17.1 - Disturbance of Equilibrium
XXVII. "Of these, the sixth reduces the range of molecular
40.17.2 - The sixth and the Law of Cycles
XXVIII. "Experiment shows that molecular dissociation
40.17.3 - First excite the molecular mass with a strong pulse...
XXIX. "The third represents the dominant
40.17.4 - "harmonic resonant impulse" means
40.18 - The Dominant
XXX. "It is the study of the dominant
40.18.1 - The etheric current is the controlling medium in the triune flows.
XXXI. "As all molecules and masses are mere centers
40.19 - Sympathetic Outreach (Sympathy/Resonance Field Effect)
XXXII. It is a familiar fact that a cord in vibration
XXXIII. "In this manner we have "sympathetic negative attraction"
40.19.1 - Etheric vibration is the cause of Sympathetic Association
XXXIV. "Each molecule of a given mass of matter
40.19.2 - The above sentence (XXXIII) contains
XXXV. "But as the condition of absolutely stable equilibrium
40.19.3 - Equilibrium or balance cannot exist in the material world - Law of Cycles
40.19.4 - Table of Transformation over Time
40.19.5 - Law of Transformation of Forces
XXXVI. "Keely believes he has solved this problem
XXXVII. "The range of molecular oscillation is affected
40.20 - Transmitting Concordant Impulses
XXXVIII. "In the three metals, silver, gold, and platina
40.20.1 - Frequencies of the Modes
40.21 - Vibratory Rotation
XXXIX. "The phenomenon of rotation arises
40.21.1 - Experiment: Microwaved Radiometer rotates
40.21.2 - "In the conception of any machine
40.21.3 - Keely on Rotation - "Rotation arises
I - "Harmonic interaction" - "Power of rotation comes on the positive
I - Two concepts
A: Power of Rotation (torque)
B: Rotation itself. (rotary motion) - "Every body capable of rotation - "Polar and depolar differentiation - "The neutral center represents only focalization - "When we rotate a mass - "To control rotational force - "Keely was completing his third system
40.21.4 - Russell on Rotation - "Mass is an accumulation
XL. "A practical example of rotation is a wheel
40.22 - Footnotes

50 - Modes of Vibration
50.0 - Two models of three modes
50.1 - Three Modes of Vibration
50.2 - Compression or Longitudinal Wave or Mode
50.2.1 - Figure 8.3 - Coiled Spring showing Longitudinal Wave
50.3 - Longitudinal Axis
50.4 - Transverse or Shear Wave or Mode
50.4.1 - Figure 8.4 - Transverse Wave
50.5 - Raleigh, Lamb or Love Wave or Mode
50.6 - Introduction to Keely's Wave Function
50.7 - Table 13.01 - Suppositional Math and Symbolic Structure
50.8 - Table 2 - Controlling Modes and Proportions
50.9 - Feynman Morphology
50.10 - Figure 7B.09 - Feynmans Triplet Structure of Photon
50.11 - Table 14.03 - Ranges of Forces Vibration Forms Types and Governing Laws
50.12 - Table of Three Modes
50.13 - Keely's Three Modes of Vibration
50.14 - Proportions of 3:6:9
50.15 - Footnotes

60 - Keely Wave Function
60.1 - Introduction to Keely's Wave Function
60.2 - Table 14.03 - Ranges of Forces Vibration Forms Types and Governing Laws
02.2.1 - Law of Transformation of Forces
60.3 - 14.10 - Thirds as Ratios within a Whole
60.4 - Table 14.02 - Neutral Thirds - Energy Radiates from Center (sixths) - Force Contracts to Center (ninths).

70 - Proportions (Ratios) of Relative Values
70.1 - Proportion
70.2 - 12.00 - Reciprocating Proportionality
70.3 - One Balanced Whole and Two Reciprocating Dynamics
70.4 - Reciprocating Proportionality
70.5 - 13.15 - Principle of Proportion
70.6 - Reciprocal Proportion
70.7 - 3.13 - Reciprocals and Proportions of Motions and Substance
70.8 - Figure 3.20 - The Observable Disappears into the Non-observable.
70.9 - 14.10 - Thirds as Ratios within a Whole
70.10 - Table 14.02 - Neutral Thirds - Energy Radiates from Center (sixths) - Force Contracts to Center (ninths).

80 - Universal Heart Beat
80.1 - The Love or Sympathy Cycle
80.2 - The Love Cycle

85 - Vortices and Toroids
85.1 - Vortices
80.2 - Vortex Components
80.3 - Vortex Dynamics
80.4 - Vortex Action is rotary
80.5 - Vortex Center
80.6 - Vortex Polar Forces
80.7 - Vortex Periphery
80.8 - Vortex Wall
80.9 - Toroid Components
80.9.1 - Sympathetic Associative Attraction
80.9.2 - Law of Cycles
80.9.3 - Neutral Center Repulsion
80.9.4 - Periphery Neutralization or Depolarization
80.10 - Plane of Inertia
80.11 - Free Space

90 - Electricity and Magnetism
90.1 - Keely
90.1.1 - What Electricity Is
90.2 - Russell
Figure 90.2.1 - Attractive Power of Electricity
Figure 90.2.2 - Electricity as Charged Life
Figure 90.2.3 - Electricity as Discharged Death
90.3 - Tesla
Figure 90.3.1 - Nikola Tesla
90.4 - Ether and Electricity

100 - Gravity
100.1 - Keely on Gravity
100.2 - Russell on Gravity
Figure 100.2.1 - Octave Gravity Bar

190 - Appendix I - Keely’s Physical Philosophy

192 - Appendix II - Laws of Being

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"The edition I have is simply the best and over encompassing manual I ever studied." BC

"There are times in life when all the stars seem to align for us. This work, for Dale Pond, is one of those moments! Dale has worked to recapture John Keely's fragmented work for over three decades and collate this collection of fragmented footnotes back into John Keely’s coherent science called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. I have known Dale personally for twelve years and studied along side him the works of John Keely. It took me many years to understand in a coherent manner what John Keely was saying. A lot of this confusion was due to his works being so fragmented. Dale has completed and is still working on his SVPwiki.com, which integrates so many others’ works that support the threads of John Keely. Still one must be deeply committed to the study to pick up the basic corollary concepts to develop a clear image of this new science discipline.
"Well, no longer! This new publication of Dale Pond is surely his greatest work and most fundamental. Here he has laid out a basic building block of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics in a sequential coherent pattern that helps the reader circumvent years of study to reveal an understanding of this science.
"John Keely was a thousand years ahead of today's quantum physicist understanding of the basic building blocks of the Universe. John Keely saw it as a three dimensional construct of radially vibrating energy systems from centers in proportional progressive values filling all the plenum of Universe. He understood through repeatable experimentation the character of this primal energy construct and how to manipulate it's present stable resonate fundamental states - a known matter into new ones - yet undiscovered by modern man. Also, along the way he discovered many wonderful, what would seem magical characteristics of these new states of matter and force.
"The possible progression from here as I see it, for Dale Pond, is forward into applied application of this now defined science for humanity's new age." Jerry Williams

"Brilliant! Dale, this is your best work ever. I can tell it is inspired. For the first time I can read at the beginning and it builds up mental images in a concise manner of how Keely was able to manipulate vibration, power, force and energy. Everyone interested in understanding Keely's work ought to read this book as a first introductory step." Jerry Williams

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