Law of Individualization

Law of Individualization: "every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself." [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

Professor Daniel Brinton
"The rhythmic relations in which force acts are everywhere, under all conditions, and at all times, the same. They are found experimentally to be universally expressible by the mathematical relations of thirds.

"These threefold relations may be expressed with regard to their results as,

I. Assimilative (Concentration, Gravitation)
II. Individualizing (Radiation, Entropy)
III. Dominant or Resultant

"From these three actions are derived the three fundamental LAWS OF BEING:

I. Law of Assimilation: every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.

II. Law of Individualization: every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.

III. Law of the Dominant: every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these (above) two tendencies. [14.09 - Brintons Laws of Being]

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