This page is almost verbatim to Appendix III in "Keely and His Discoveries".

"The fundamental conception of the Universe is force manifesting itself in rhythmical relations.

"This definition is exhaustive, including both thought and extension, matter and mind. The law for the one is the law for the other. The distinction between them is simply relative, i.e., quantitative, not qualitative.

"The rhythmic relations in which force acts are everywhere, under all conditions, and at all times, the same. They are found experimentally to be universally expressible by the mathematical relations of thirds.

"These threefold relations may be expressed with regard to their results as,

I. Assimilative

II. Individualizing

III. Dominant or Resultant

"From these three actions are derived the three fundamental LAWS OF BEING:

I. Law of Assimilation: every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.

II. Law of Individualization: every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.

III. Law of the Dominant: every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these two tendencies.

"Applying these fundamental laws to an explanation of the universe, as it is brought to human cognition, all manifestations of force may be treated as modes of vibrations. The essential differences give rise to three modes of vibration:

I. The Radiating: called also the "Dispersing", the "Propulsive", the "Positive", and the "Enharmonic".

II. The Focalizing: called also the "Negative", the "Negative Attractive", the "Polarizing", and the "Harmonic".

III. The Dominant: called also the "Etheric", or the "Celestial".

"These, it will be noted, correspond to the three laws of being. It is not to be understood that any one of these three modes of vibration can exist independently. Each by itself is called a "current", and all three must be present in every "stream" or "flow" of force. The relations of the currents in every flow are expressible in thirds, and it is experimentally demonstrable that the relation of the three are in the order named: as 33 1/3 : 66 2/3 : 100.

"The evolution of what is called "matter" from the different modes of vibration is through the action of the second law, that of focalization, or "negative attraction", or "negative affinity".

"Where the vibrations under this mode meet, and are maintained in a state of mutual affinity or equilibrium, there is established what is called a "neutral center", or, as otherwise expressed, "a center of sympathetic coincidence".

"The terms "neutral attraction", "neutral affinity", "negative attraction", or "polar negative attraction", are employed to express the property of a mode of vibration to direct its components towards such center.

"As no current or flow of force can be composed of one mode of vibration only, but must always be composed of three modes uniting in varying thirds, we have 1 x 2 x 3 = 6 as the total possible forms of sympathetic coincidence, or, to speak in ordinary terms, there can be six; and six only, possible forms of individualized being. These are what Keely calls the six orders of atomic subdivision, or orders of vibratory motion, and he names them as follows:

I. Molecular II. Inter-Molecular II. atomic IV. Inter-Atomic V. Etheric VI. Inter-etheric [see subdivision]

"In this list forms of matter are arranged in the mathematical sequence of the rapidity of the oscillations of their constituent members; the proportion being proved by experiment to be as follows for the molecular orders:

1 : 3 : 9 : 27 : 81 : 243

"The arithmetical progression changes in the atomic orders to a geometrical progression as follows:

3 : 9 : 81 : 6561 : 43046721, etc.

"This same method of progression is believed to hold in all the orders of vibrations above the molecular, and soon passes into mathematical infinity.

"Actually, however, all matter of which we are capable of cognition through the medium of our senses is in one of three forms of aggregation:

II. atomic
III. Etheric

"In each of which the controlling mode of vibration is respectively:

I. The Enharmonic
II. The Harmonic
III. The Dominant

"But it must be understood that each of these modes is a positive and real constituent of every atom and molecule.

"It will be seen that as every form of material aggregation is to be considered as a "neutral center of attraction", where the vibratory force of all three orders are held in "sympathetic coincidence", that is, in balanced activity or harmonized motion, and not by any means canceled or mutually destroyed, there is no diminution of force, but only temporary suspension of its radiating or propulsive activity or expression.

"This is the foundation of Keely's doctrine of "latent force", and of the indefinite power which can be obtained by breaking up the harmonious balance or equation of forces of every mode, which exists in every "neutral center", that is to say in every mass of matter.

"Insomuch as every mass of matter consists thus, in fact, of vibrations in harmonic equilibrium, related by simple proportions of thirds, it follows that every mass of every description stands in harmonic relation to every other mass. This is, in part, what is meant by the sympathy of all forms of matter and of motion; and it is through the study of the methods of increasing or diminishing this sympathy that we reach practical results in this field of research. At present this is best accomplished by resonance; that is, through the harmonic vibrations created by musical instruments, bringing out the acoustic world as the microscope reveals the hidden visual world.

"Every visible or tangible mass of matter must be regarded as an aggregation of molecules; the molecules being the true centers of the equated forces of "neutralized attraction".

"These molecules have been experimentally proved by Keely to be formed of all three modes of vibration; the proof being that they respond to all three modes when subjected to the tests of compound concordant impulses.

"When in that state of neutral aggregation which we know as matter, each molecule is in perpetual oscillation, the range of the oscillation being one-third of the molecule, and its rapidity 20,000 oscillations in a second.

"It is through the disturbance of this oscillatory equilibrium, by means of resonant impulses, that Keely alters the relations of the vibratory impulses which constitute matter. This he does by striking the same chord in three octaves, representing the third, sixth, and ninth of the scale.

"Of these, the sixth reduces the range of molecular vibrations or oscillations, and by thus bringing nearer to each other the neutral centers, increases solidification.

"The ninth extends the range of molecular oscillation, and thus tends to give greater tenuity to the mass. It induces "trajectile velocity" from neutral centers, or "neutral radiation". Experiment shows that molecular dissociation does not take place until the molecule attains an oscillation approaching, if not fully reaching two-thirds of its diameter. This can be effected by means of the action of the "enharmonic" or "radiating" current applied to the mass, after its molecules have been disturbed by an "introductory impulse"; that is, by the musical note above mentioned.

"The third represents the "dominant", and when brought under control of a harmonic resonant impulse induces a complete rearrangement of the modes of vibration and oscillation; in other words, will transform the mass either into its component initial forces, or into some other form of matter.

"It is the study of the dominant to which Keely has devoted his recent researches. He aims to control the power he evolves by altering the dominant or etheric mode of vibration in the triplicate flows of force.

"As all molecules and masses are mere centers of harmonized vibrations, temporarily held in suspension by simple laws identical with those of resonance, it follows that these centers can be broken up or divided by certain orders of vibration impinging upon and disturbing them.

"It is a familiar fact that a cord in vibration tends to produce a similar vibration in a cord placed near it. This property belongs to all vibrations, whether resonant or not, and they exert it in proportion to the "order" to which they belong. The distance in space to which this power extends, or can be extended, is what is called "the sympathetic outreach" of the current or flow.

"In this manner we have "sympathetic negative attraction", and "sympathetic positive propulsion", with reference to the "outreach" of the third or dominant current of the stream, which is allied to the order of etheric vibrations.

"Each molecule of a given mass of matter represents the same harmonic chord or note in its oscillatory motion. The "chord of the mass" is, therefore, the chord of every molecule of the mass.

"But as the condition of absolutely stable equilibrium is theoretical only, and does not exist in nature, the chord of the mass is constantly changing. Yet we must learn to control this "chord of the mass" by resonant induction, if we would gain command of the molecular forces.

"Keely believes he has solved this problem, by the invention of a mechanical device which brings the chords of all masses within the conditions of a few simple acoustic tests.

"The range of molecular oscillation is affected differently in different substances when submitted to the same vibratory impulse, and these ranges can be measured.

"In the three metals, silver, gold, and platina, we obtain the proportions - 3 : 6 : 9 : As this is the primary relation of the modes of vibration, a wire made of these three metals is peculiarly adapted to transmit concordant impulses; and nodes made of these substances placed upon a wire, transmitting resonant vibrations, indicate, by the different orders of vibration induced in them, the rate of oscillations of the atomic constituents.

"The phenomenon of rotation arises from the harmonic interaction of the dominant and enharmonic elements of the flow; in other words, the first and third, the third and ninth, etc.; those whose vibrations bear the proportions to each other 33 1/3 : 100.

"A practical example of rotation is a wheel in revolution on its axis. This is force in its commercial or economic aspect. To accomplish this result by molecular vibratory action, we must gain control of the "negative attractive" or "enharmonic" current of the triple flow, and the problem is then solved up to any limit of power.

Sympathetic physics teaches that light is an etheric evolution propagated by sympathetic conflict between celestial and terrestrial outflows; solar tensions as against terrestrial condensation. True luminosity cannot be induced in any other way. The high order of triple vibration, that induces (progressively) molecular and intermolecular separation, shows luminous results which, when thus mechanically produced, are virtually on a small scale, a facsimile of nature's operations. "All such experiments that I have made" writes Keely "resulted in vortex motion invariably, both sympathetically and otherwise. Vortex motion follows nature in all corpuscular action.

"The undulatory theory, regarding light, I have not been able to reconcile myself to, as anything but hypothetical. The conditions which govern electromagnetic radiation disprove the theory in many particulars. The vortex action induced in space, by the differential conflict between the low and high tenuous, shows up results that harmonize with the conditions accompanying the dissociation of hydrogen and oxygen, in disintegrating water; viz., vortex action of the highest order, but peripheral only. It is were not so, the ether could not be held in suspension, neither in the molecular nor atomic envelopes. Undulatory effects are produced by certain conditions of sound; and by other conditions quite opposite effects. In organ pipes, of a certain calibre, very sensitive waves occur at intervals; as according to the character of the sound evolved; but on a combination of resonators composed of brass tubes of more than nine in number, a wave of sound, induced by certain chords passing over them, produces high vortex action of the air enclosed in them. The vibration of tuning forks induces alternate conditions of the air that surrounds them, if in open atmosphere; but quite a different action presents itself when the forks are exercised in resonating tubes, set to thirds of the mass chord they represent. Then high vortex action is the instant result. Vibrators cannot be set promiscuously in tubes, and get such results, any more than a musician can render a musical composition on the violin before tuning it. The conditions under which light is evolved negatize whatever is associated with undulation, as this word is understood by physicists. Aqueous undulations there are, but not etheric undulations.

"The mighty forces latent in corpuscular matter, by which we are surrounded, are all held in oscillating vortex action by the Infinite Designer of workings hidden from us, until the time is ripe for their disclosure. This latent, registered power interchanges sympathetically with the celestial radiating streams, whereby light, heat, electricity, magnetism and galvanic action are propagated in their different orders, vitalizing all nature with their life-giving principals. When this great scientific and religious truth has been made known, and established by demonstration, all controversy as to the source of energy will be for ever silenced. If I am the chosen instrument to develop this knowledge, and to make known the conditions which surround this pure truth, it is only that I may hand the key to those who will use it to enter the doorway that opens into the inaudible, and thus gain an insight into the now invisible region of the operation of Nature's most powerful governing forces, in the control over terrestrial matter by celestial mind."

Appendix II.

"The flow of electricity, as set down in Keely's system, is governed by triple conditions; 1st. the dominant or high vibratory; 2nd. the sub-dominant or low vibratory; 3rd. the harmonic or undulatory; In combination one flow. Keely writes: "When electrical experts can construct a mechanical device whereby the low vibratory conditions of the sub-dominant can de assimilated to the harmonic undulatory, by thirds, they will be able to run their dynamos without any extraneous appliances. An introductory impulse, on a certain order of vibration, being all that would be required to give the sub-dominant a concordant relation to the dominant; which would more effectually operate the dynamo than any number of steam-engines; allowing the harmonic stream to be the governor. This concordance, as towards the dominant, would only excite its sympathetic action in a way that would divert the ruling conditions of the two, without being submitted to the destructive effects of the dominant current. I think many lives will be lost before such a position is attained. Tesla has reached out almost to the crest of the harmonic wave, leaving all electrical explorers far behind him. It is only when such a condition is reached that the true value of electrical lighting will be understood, and extraneous power dispensed with; but, in my opinion, the present conditions for transferring power will remain unaltered, in the use of electricity, for generations.

"There is but one position to arrive at, that will redeem the many failures of the past decade, in attempts to find an economizing medium for commercial benefit in regard to power; and that position will be attained when the polar sympathetic harness is completed, which will give to the world the control of the polar forces."

"In reply to the question, "What do you include in the polar forces?" Keely answers, "Magnetism, electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream composed of three currents, or triune streams, which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe; the infinite ninths that I am now endeavoring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination, will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system. These sympathetic streams from celestial space, percussing on the dense atmospheric environment of our earth, by their infinite velocities, wrest from their atomic confinement the latent energies which we call heat and light."

Question: And where do these sympathetic conditions or streams of force have their origin?

Answer: "All sympathetic conditions, or streams of force, are derived (if we dare to make use of such a term in speaking of Deity) from the cerebral convolutions of the Infinite; from the center of the vast realm of the compound luminous. From the celestial intermediate, the brain of Deity, proceed the sympathetic flows that vitalize the polar terrestrial forces." [see Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams]

Some faint idea of the infinite patience which the nature of Keely's work requires may be gained by a knowledge of his process of converting straight tubes into resonating rings. The tubes, in sections long enough to form a semicircle, are passed between triple rollers, which are set to give them a slight bend. They are then fastened to a bed-plate, and a steel ball, the exact diameter of the interior of the tube, is passed into it and forced through it. It is then passed between the rollers again; which are set so as to slightly increase the curvature, and again the interior of the tube is corrected by the steel ball. This process is intermittently continued until the semicircle is reached. Each process of bending and correcting requires over two hours. Eighty bends are sometimes necessary for the completion of the full circle. When the two semicircles, which form the circle, are finished, they are placed in a steel mould and kept under hydraulic pressure for two or three days, to correct any lateral deflection which has taken place in bending them. They are then taken out of the moulds and screwed rigidly to a face-plate, and joined together by a solder of refined brass and silver. Next they are placed in a hot sand bath of sufficient volume to require seventy-two hours to cool down. This corrects the differentiation in their molecular groupings. They are then submitted to a vibratory flow from the sympathetic negative transmitter, until their intonation, by percussion, represents a pure unmixed chord. The indicator, attached to the rings, denotes when this condition is attained. They are then centred on a steel shaft and rotated at the rate of 2000 revolutions per minute, surrounding by the triple circuit ring. If the indicator, on the circuit ring, should vary five degrees on a subdivision of 8000, the process for correcting has to be repeated until the variations are reduced to three; which is near enough to be considered perfect, inasmuch as the circular resonator will then hold the neutral focalization intact during the graduation of the full ninths, or triple triplets, for sympathetic association to polar negative attraction.

Thermal radiation? (and its negative, cold), the field of Professor Dewar's researches, in Keely's system comes below the first atomic; while celestial sympathetic radiation comes as the fountain head; the compound interetheric, from which all aggregated matter springs, the governing force of all aggregations. If there were no sympathetic radiation from the great celestial centre, space would be void of suspended, or floating, earthy and gaseous matter; consequently, planetary worlds would never have had their birth and growth.

that an increase in low temperatures might lead to the liquefying of hydrogen, is an admission that hydrogen may be a compound; for no simple can ever be condensed into a visible form. Keely's experimental researches have proved, to his own satisfaction, that all known gases are compounds, inasmuch as, when the intensity which accompanies sympathetic vibration, in his process, is brought to bear upon any gas, it submits to dissociation.

James B. Alexander, in his book on "The Dynamic Theory of Life and Mind,"* makes this distinction between Force and Energy:

"Energy is simply the motion of material bodies, large or small. Force is the measure of energy, its degree or quantity. . . . The ether is the universal agent of Energy, and the medium in all motion and phenomena. It may with propriety be called the Soul of Things."

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