Same as Syntropy. Negative entropy, self-ordering. Reverse entropy where entropy is made orderly or where discordance is made concordant; harmonic versus enharmonic. Order from chaos. An aspect of negative electromagnetism and negative time.

"In 1974, Albert Szent-Györgyi proposed replacing the term negentropy with syntropy. That term may have originated in the 1940s with the Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappiè, who tried to construct a unified theory of biology and physics." Wikipedia, Negentropy

"To perform entropy, we must do positive (entropic) work, which means we pay for all the energy which is dissipated to continually brute-force wrestle some part of nature to the mat as we wish. Nature protests this brutal treatment by attempting all the while to restore symmetry, furnishing the Newtonian third law reaction to oppose our rudeness. To perform negentropy, we must "do" negative work — which means we must accept and receive ordered energy for free! All we have to do is initially pay to make the little porthole. Nature so loves negentropic reorganization of the entire vacuum energy, that she will handsomely and gloriously reward us with an extreme energy flow for opening the tiniest broken symmetry "porthole" which allows her to do so. She will gladly continue to pour out energy through that porthole, as long as it exists. If we fight nature, we must pay brutally for it. If we "tickle" nature just a bit, nature pays us back enormously, many times over, continuously, and with great gratitude by "changing into bright new clothes" of dazzling form and astounding energy." Tom Bearden

Negentropy is governed by the Law of Assimilation "...this law is to the effect that every individualized object tends to assimilate itself to itself, in successive moments of its existence, and all objects to assimilate one another. The ground of it is, that the simple and pure substance of creation, has for its special function to manifest the Creator; and consequently to assimilate itself to His will and attributes, in so far as the finite can assimilate itself to the Infinite. Hence it is in its own nature, wholly plastic or devoid of fixed innate properties, and wholly assimilative, both with respect to its own portions or parts and to surrounding objects, as well as to its position in space, and, in so far as it is capable, to the mind of the Creator. Thus, there immediately awake, in the material elements, individuality and the properties of sphericity, elasticity, and inertia, along with a tendency to be assimilated as to place, or, as it is commonly called, reciprocal attraction." [see Syntropy, 14.32 - Law of Assimilation, Sympathetic Association]

"The reverse of this principle applies in depolarizing bodies. Depolarizing bodies on the radioactive half of any cycle project time accumulations from them at tremendous speeds. Helium and other inert gases explode outwardly from tungsten at approximately half the "speed of light" while similar "rays" explode outwardly from radium, actinium, thorium, uranium and uridium at almost the speed of light.

Conversely, generoactive rays explode inwardly at tremendous speeds in the first three invisible octaves. Alpha, beta, gamma and "cosmic" rays explode inwardly to center invisible generating matter as they and the older inert gases explode outwardly from degenerating visible matter." [Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, pages 112-117]

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