Void = Depolar, Neutrality, Undifferentiated, Whole, One

Voiding - Grounding is an important feature of our lives. More and more I'm appreciating what it means to mix the Celestial realms with the Terrestrial. Each living thing (every thing actually) is a result of these two forums intermingling together in varying degrees. We as humans, with our powerful free will, can make detours into one or the other, neglecting its mating with the counterpart thus becoming off balance. These two dynamic entities in their writhing-mingling cause all materiality.

There is another phenomena Keely referred to as when a keeper is about to kiss its magnet. If you've played with strong magnets you know this feeling when the two magnets are just about to touch. When two opposites are about to Void there is a preliminary build up of energy. This is a phenomena of Keely's "sympathetic outreach" evoking like response in an opposite. The effects of this "sympathetic outreach" can be experienced while being around a "sexy" member of the opposite sex or experiencing music that causes your foot to tap and maybe you begin humming along or eventually swaying and dancing. I think vibrations are the same in action/reaction as may be any other vibrating object. The vibrations in the object begin falling in synch and their phases eventually lock and so results a harmonic response (in tune) synchronization of aliquot parts. What happens to one begins happening to the other. Sympathy (unison, oneness) has been established. Without opposites coming together there would not be this evoked sympathetic response (mutual love). Which may be a round about explanation of why we are in material form - reaching to spirit - as spirit reaches to us. When the two approximate, evoking sympathetic response (love) as in the other, there is a burst of Awakening Light, which is to say a "remembering" we are Love. Dale Pond 8/10/01

''"And yet does not this sense of expectancy seem to communicate itself from mind to mind by some other means than that of oral or written expression, and to touch with more or less force even minds that are free from these intellectual anticipations? Are there not certain intellects at the fore-front of the world's progress, and certain hearts filled above the ordinary measure with the love of mankind, who are thus centres of power, from whom spread ever widening circles of vibratory emanations that gradually involve all minds in a common thought and all hearts in a common purpose? 'Many men of many minds.' Yes, truly; but there is the one mind of humanity that thinks and thinks, and alone has the power to externalize its thought as part of the world's history, while all purely individual thought is blown finally into the abyss of the Absolute Nothing." [Progressive Science]

Keely says that "''if a planet of 20,000 miles diameter, more or less, should have a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust 5,000 miles thick, leaving an intervening void between this crust and a center of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force as great to move this small center mass as it would to move the shell of 5,000 miles thickness. Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust forever, keeping it equidistant, and there could be no opposing power, however great, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load which bears upon this point of center where weight ceases. This what we understand by a neutral center.’’" [The Neutral Center]

The fact that opposite polarities void each other when thus contacted has not been considered as a factor in the matter. It is a fact, however, when two opposites are thus brought together by their seeming eagerness to contact each other, both poles cease to be. Each one has voided the other as completely as the chemical opposites sodium and chlorine void each other and leave no trace of either one after that contact. [A New Concept of the Universe, page 18]

Voided Motion "Absolute voidance of one condition must take place before repetition can follow.

Voided motion is recorded in the stillness from which it was unfolded in order that it can be repeated from that record." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 137

"Mother and father reverse their spectrum positions, however. The womb of the mother is on the inside and the father surrounds it by a ring, such as one sees in the Lyra Nebula. One can also see the birth of a new star in the very center of that great black cathode hole which the mother womb is. That is the way that God turns the anodes of His thinking inside out to rest, and outside in to again become anodes. God's process of creating bodies through sex interchange is based upon the sex urge of the divided color spectrum of light to void its color divisions and become the White Light of rest from which its tensions were extended." [Atomic Suicide, page 117]

"The momentary pause in every heartbeat is a link with the still centre of the Overself. Where the rhythm of activity comes to an end - be it a man's heart or an entire planet - its infinite and eternal cause is there. All this vast universal activity is but a function of the silent, still Void." [Brunton (19-526)]

Source Unknow
THE HEART SUTRA - When Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara practised the profound Prajina-paramita, he investigated and perceived that the five aggregates (skandhas) were non-existent thus securing his deliverance from all distress and sufferings. Sariputra! Form (rupa) does not differ from the void (sunya), nor the void from form. Form is identical with void (and) void is identical with form. So are reception (vedana), conception (sanjna), mental function (samskara) and consciousness (vijnana) in relation to the void.

Sariputra, the void of all this is not created, not annihilated, not impure, not pure, not increasing and not decreasing.

Therefore, with the void, there is no form and no reception, conception, mental function and no consciousness; there is no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind; there is no form, sound, smell, taste, touch and idea; there are (no such things as the eighteen realm of sense (dhatus) from) the realm of sight up to that of the faculty of mind; there are (no such things as the twelve links in the chain of existence (nidanas) from) ignorance (avid ya) with also the end of ignorance up to old age and death (jaramarana) with also the end of old age and death; there are (no such things as) the four noble truths and there is no wisdom and no gain.

Because of gainlessness, Bodhisattvas who rely on Prajna-pramita, have no hinderance in their hearts, and since they have no hindrance, they have no fear, are free from contrary and delusive ideas and attain the Final Nirvana.

All Buddhas of the past, present and future obtained complete vision and perfect enlightenment (anuttara-samyak-sambodhi) by relying on Prajna-paramita. So we know that Prajna-paramita is the great supernatural Mantra, the great bright, unsurpassed and unequalled Mantra which can truly and without fail wipe out all sufferings.

Therefore, He uttered the Prajna-paramita mantra which reads:
Gate, Gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi soana! [(source unknown)]

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