adjective: used about things that seem to come from a power such as magic and do not (yet) have a natural or scientific explanation
adjective: not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to our understanding of natural laws; not physical or material

Supernatural implies not natural or beyond nature. As everything is a part of nature there is nothing beyond nature. Therefore there is no supernatural but there are the unseen causative etheric, scalar, Mind and Spiritual forces. There are natural forces we do not yet perceive, understand or acknowledge. [See Scalar, Non-observable]

"Spirit is substance, as Spinoza taught: "The universe is one. There is no supernatural; all is related, cause and sequence. Like fire, which is a spiritual order of vibration, spirit is latent in all matter. One might as well try to operate a steam-engine without its boiler as to give motion to matter against the conditions imposed by nature, or to propose a new method of controlling the action of our physical organisms (other than through the sympathetic transfer of our mental forces) as an improvement on the one instituted by the Almighty." [Newton of the Mind (underline added)]

"We call this the sphere of the natural; but, when we come to higher workings of natural laws, with which we are not familiar, we designate them as "supernatural;" and scientists witnessing some of Keely's experiments, like those of overcoming gravity, of rotation of the needle of a compass,* of the disintegration of water, etc., and not believing in any workings of laws unknown to them, followed in the footsteps, still unobliterated, of the narrow-minded, bigoted persecutors of Galileo; and have denounced Keely as "a modern Cagliostro." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

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