an irrational belief arising from ignorance, fear, opinion or faulty reason; insanity, error

“All error arises from false reasoning. If man knew when a sensation was produced on the senses, his senses or knowledge would be prepared to receive it without fear; but being ignorant of it, he receives it sometimes as a sweet morsel that he rolls under his tongue till at last he finds to his sorrow that he is hugging a viper that will sting him to death. Now if mankind knew these enemies and how they came and got into their house or mind they would be on the look-out and their knowledge would be a protector. But the wisdom of the world has set up a standard superior to the wisdom of God and supposes its opinions must be taken for truth without any doubts or questioning. This standard is based on the old superstition that went hand in hand with all other superstitions. Science has been ridding the world of its errors, but the science of life is in the hands of the most ignorant class of persons the world can produce, who undertake to be the teachers of a science that they know nothing of.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Article: Errors of False Reasoning, page 247]

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