sex interchange

"When God, the Father-Mother, divided the Light of His sexless Oneness into the red light of the father, and the blue light of the mother, He ordained that the father light must penetrate the light of the mother, and be forever within her womb to live, and without her womb to die. Thus it is that the red fires which center our father of earth, lie enfolded within the blue coolness of earth's crust, and the cooling blue oceans and atmosphere of the encircling mother womb. Thus it is that the compression of the mother womb generates heat to polarize and vitalize the father seed of life which is enfolded in that womb. That process of sex interchange between the blue and the red lights which beget life, continues to beget life to give back to its Source until the mother can no longer compress life into the father, and the father can no longer discharge heat into the mother to continue to beget father and mother bodies." [Atomic Suicide, page 116-117]

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