sex principle

Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle
Figure 7.8 - Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle.

"The uncreated universe is Light undivided - The created universe is Light divided into mated pairs. Gravity is the Life Principle, the Sex Principle, and Power Principle which motivates the Universal Heart beat."

"If this search for balanced mates is universal in all bodies of matter, and if the division of an equilibrium into polarized pairs is the effect which electricity produces, why do we not recognize the sex principle as the basis of all electrically divided, and pressure conditioned matter, and discard the old text-book idea of two kinds of electricity, one which repels and the other which attracts, as being the basis of matter and motion?" [Atomic Suicide, page 85-86]

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Figure 7.8 - Gravity is the Life Sex and Power Principle

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