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"These two opposing actions and reactions constitute the electro-magnetic oscillations, or compression-expansion sequences, which are present in every mass and which constitute the mechanistic or life principle of the universe. These sequences have a periodicity of preponderances which are first preponderantly generative and then preponderantly degenerative, which we know of as the phenomena of growth." [Russell to NYT - 1930 November 2]

All life is immortal life. There is no mortal life.Life is a vitalizing property of all matter. Life is in and of all matter.
Man's concept of life is not logical.
Man conceives life to be a property apart from matter, quickening compound elements of inorganic matter into living, functioning, organic beings.
Man defines organic matter as that in which life begins to function, imbuing it with vitality and intelligence.
Man defines inorganic matter as those elements or compounds of matter in which there is no life and in which there is no vitality nor intelligence.
Man conceives life as spontaneously generated in matter at favorable temperatures and under favorable conditions.
Such concepts are not true concepts.In searching for the life principle man is attempting to discover something corresponding to a germ which quickens lifeless matter.
Life is not a germ and no matter is lifeless.
Life is in and of all things from the beginning, always and forever.
Life has no beginning.
Life has no ending.
Life is eternal.
Life is in and of all inorganic as well as all organic matter. Life is in and of all of the elements and the atoms of the elements and the compounds of the elements.
Life is in and of the sun of the atom, the planets of the atom and the heavens surrounding the universe of the atom.
Life is the effect produced on the substance of Mind by the sequence of alternating electromagnetic pulsations which constitute the process of thinking.
The progress of this effect is registered in integrating light and manifests itself in that orderly periodic phenomenon inherent in all matter and all things which man calls "growth."
All "growing" things are imbued with the life principle. All things are "growing" things. All matter is evolving. All matter is growing.
All matter is living.Life is merely the registration, in matter, of states of motion of thinking Mind.
The substance of Mind has the appearance of many states of motion which man calls the "elements of matter."The "elements of matter" do not vary in substance. They vary only in their states of motion.
All motion is periodic and evolutionary.All motion is motion in equilibrium.
No other motion is possible.
All motion has the appearance of being divided into opposites.
These opposites of motion shall henceforth be termed "motion-in-inertia" and "motion-in-opposition."
All that appearance which man calls matter is "motion-in-opposition."Motion-in-opposition is under either preponderantly electric or magnetic domination.
It is a state of motion where pressures are unequalized and sustained in their state of unequalization by the resistance of the two opposing forces in motion.
The point of maximum motion-in-opposition is the nucleal center of a unit or system where opposing pressures reach their point of maximum pressure.
Form of matter disappears into motion-in-inertia.
Motion-in-inertia is equally electric and magnetic. Neither force dominates.
It is a state of motion where pressures are equalized.Man's concept of life is energized, organic substance.
Man's concept of death is de-energized, organic substance.
There is no death.
Life is eternal.
The One substance of the universe cannot become de-energized. Man's concept of life belongs to motion-in-opposition.
Man's concept of death belongs to motion- in-inertia.
Life belongs, in principle, to motion.
This is a universe of motion.
The cause of all motion is the dynamic action of thinking of the One universal living Being, which man calls God, or Mind, or by other names, all of which stand practically for the one idea of fatherhood, or deity.
Thinking is a process, an orderly, evolutionary, periodic process of absolute limitations.
All motion of thinking Mind is born in the maximum high speed of the universal constant of energy.
It runs the gamut of periodic and opposing deceleration and acceleration in six full tones, one double tone, and a master-tone, to each of ten lowering octaves, and a variable number of mid-tones in each of the last four octaves.
The seven tones are those so-called "elements of matter" which are improperly classified in the eight groups of the commonly accepted MendeleĢef periodic table.
All effects of motion which cause the appearance of these elements is that which is herein termed "motion-in-opposition."
The master-tone of each octave is the record of all motion taking place within the octave.
The master-tones are the turning points between reaction and action, just as the double tones are the turning points between action and reaction.
They are the beginnings of each new expression of energy in motion and are records of the old. They are the ends of exhalations and the beginnings of inhalations.
The master-time of each octave is the inheritance of the original motion of the thinking process ofMind.
These master-tones are the 'inert gases" which are classified in the zero group of the Mendeleef table.
The state of motion of these inert gases is that of motion-in-inertia.
Motion-in-inertia is that state of pressure equilibrium which lies between any two masses.
The inertial line, or plane, is that dividing line, or plane, toward which all masses discharge their potential.
It is the line, or plane, of lowest potential of two opposing areas of potential, where opposing pressures neutralize.
This is the plane of minimum pressure of two opposing areas.
The master-tones which represent a state of motion-in-inertia and are the inert gases, bear the same relationship to the elements that white bears to the colors.
They are a registration of them all.
White is not included in the spectrum, it has no place there.
The inert gases should not be included in the elements. They have no place there. Of this more shall be written later in its proper place.
The ten octaves constitute a cycle of evolving states of motion.
This cycle includes the uttermost limitations of divine possibilities, and beyond it nothing is or can be.
The cycle begins with the highest note and descends the scale sequentially through man's unseen universe until hydrogen, the first element perceivable to man, is reached.
There is no unseen universe.
Those tones which follow hydrogen are man's visible or "physical" universe of matter and continue into the tenth octave.
Here elemental integration and disintegration have ended the cycle by the attainment of the equilibrium of its beginning.
All motion is oscillatory, swinging in sequence between two apparently opposing forces, gravitation and repulsion, which are respectively electric and magnetic.
This oscillatory motion is a pulsating in-breathing and out-breathing, an inhalation and an exhalation, which is a characteristic of all matter, whether it be in units, or systems of units, or mass.
These two apparently opposite forces are the father-mother forces of Mind, which, added together, make but the One force.
There is but one pendulum to the cosmic clock.
All the so-called "created" universe of matter is but the effect of these two apparently opposing male - female forces exerting their opposition.
All motion-in-opposition is both gravitative and repulsive. This is characteristic of all matter.
Motion, at the inertial line or plane where mass disappears, is neither gravitative nor repelative. Hence the muter-tones, which register effects of motion on this line or plane, should not be included in the table of the elements.
All matter is characterized by periodic and alternating opposites of motion in sequence, each opposite being preponderant in sequence.
Each opposite force is the cause of the other.
Opposition is a characteristic appearance of all effects of motion and has no existence other than as an appearance.
In inertia, this appearance always disappears.
Motion and matter must not be confounded.
Matter, as man understands matter, is only an appearance due to states of motion.
The creation of form in matter is the apparent integration of those things which are and always have been.
The de-creation of form in matter is the apparent disintegration of apparently integrated things.
Creation is transmutation, or integration, of the one simple indivisible substance, into the appearance of many complex substances and things.
Creation may be likened unto the assembling of a few letters of type for the printing of a very complex idea.
De-creation may be likened unto the redistribution of type, after it has served its purpose of giving expression to idea on the printed page.
Matter is light crystallized into the complex idea of this universe, exactly as literature is type assembled into the complex ideas of a library.
Matter is the registration medium of light, just as letters are the registration medium of literature.
Matter is light gravitationally assembled into the appearance of form, and radially disassembled into the disappearance of form.
The assembling process is what man calls life.
The disassembling process is what man calls death.
Light' exists as light always and forever.
All matter is but a variation of the state of light due to variation of dimension of the evidence of motion in the wave by which all motion is expressed.
To man, matter means the complexity of many substances and many things.
Complexity and variability belong to motion and not to substance. There is but One unchanging substance.
The appearance of change does not belong to substance but to motion.
Man lives in a universe of motion, a universe of appearances and illusions which deceive him, except for those simple, obvious illusions with which he becomes perfectly familiar.
Man will stoutly aver that matter changes
and that there are many substances, but he would not dream of contending that the moon runs along the road behind the trees as he runs.
Yet one contention would be as reasonable as the other. Matter and Mind and light and energy are eternal.
They are constant. They are cause.
Form and motion are illusions.
They are fleeting. They are effects. [Walter Russell, The Universal One, Chapter II: The Life Principle]

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