Mind to Mind

Mind to Mind
Mind to Mind Connection

"And yet does not this sense of expectancy seem to communicate itself from mind to mind by some other means than that of oral or written expression, and to touch with more or less force even minds that are free from these intellectual anticipations? Are there not certain intellects at the fore-front of the world's progress, and certain hearts filled above the ordinary measure with the love of mankind, who are thus centres of power, from whom spread ever widening circles of vibratory emanations that gradually involve all minds in a common thought and all hearts in a common purpose? 'Many men of many minds.' Yes, truly; but there is the one mind of humanity that thinks and thinks, and alone has the power to externalize its thought as part of the world's history, while all purely individual thought is blown finally into the abyss of the Absolute Nothing. [Progressive Science]

"Perhaps my readers may at this point enquire in what manner all these simple experiments are performed. It is simply this. I first get the attention of my subject, endeavoring to exclude all other external influences and drawing their mind to myself. I then work up the sensation I wish to produce upon my subject in my own mind and it is immediately communicated to that of the subject and a correspondent feeling will be the result. It is the simple process of mind acting upon mind. It is necessary to draw the attention of the subject to myself in order to receive the impression because no one could receive impressions from external objects unless he should give his attention to them. The public speaker makes it the first object to gain the attention of his audience and then proceeds to reason out the whole subject, and they are also prepared to go on with the speaker and receiving corresponding emotions with him. So in mesmerizing, some powerful impression must be produced to draw the attention of the subject and exclude other external influences and then the mind is prepared for further action.

"The mind hears, sees, feels, and causes every action of the body. And impressions are conveyed directly upon the mind when the attention is given to the operator in such a manner as to shut out all other influences. And to produce these impressions and sensations when the mind of the subject is thus prepared, the operator must produce in himself the same sensation which he would communicate to the subject." [Quimby, Lecture Notes, Booklet V (underline added)]

"It soon becomes obvious that because you are communicating mind to mind, there is no "space" between those minds that is not bridged by a single change of focus in your attention. And this becomes a foundation for remembering that when you have again accepted the wholeness of your Mind, you will not experience it as being separate from any other mind. The familiarity of feeling of Unified Mind begins to register with you." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 108]

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