Mentative Induction

"As I have said, I account for the transference of mental states, etc., by the theory of “Mentative Induction,” which I believe to be the theory more fully meeting the requirements of the case than any of the “dual‐mind” or similar hypotheses. The term “Mentative Induction” will be readily understood by those familiar with the phenomena of electricity. The word “induction” comes from the word “induce,” which means “to influence.” In electrical science the word induction is used in the sense of “the process whereby one body possessing magnetic or electrical properties reproduces that property in another body without direct contact.” In text‐books on physics a simple experiment is often given students to illustrate magnetic induction, as follows: A magnet is so placed that its poles project over the edge of a table upon which it rests. An iron nail, or steel needle, is held a little distance below the magnet so that it will not actually touch the latter but will be near enough to be magnetized by “induction,” that is, without direct contact. The nail, or needle, will have an induced property of magnetism produced by the current from the magnet, and will support another nail, or needle, by direct contact. This induced magnetism renders the nail, or needle, a magnet, possessing all the properties of the original magnet, so long as the current flows.

"And, just as a magnet may communicate its properties by induction so may an electrified body communicate electrical states in another body without actual contact. The text‐books are full of examples to illustrate this law. The theory accepted by Science is that the induction is the action of the electrical current through the ether, by waves of vibration. And I hold that just as the vibratory‐waves of magnetism and electricity pass through the ether and produce similar properties in other bodies by means of induction, so do the vibratory waves of Mind‐Power, from one mind, pass through the ether, and by induction set up similar mental states in the minds of other persons within the “field of induction.” Chapter III - Mentative Induction

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