Thought Transference

Mind to Mind
Mind to Mind Connection

"I have been led to the coining of this new term designed to take the place of “telepathy,” for the reason that the latter term is improper and misleading. “Telepathy,” according to its root‐words, really means “to suffer at a distance,” or the “feeling of the pain of another,” the suffix “pathy,” being derived from the Greek word meaning “to suffer.” It may be used properly in connection with the sympathetic transference of pain, or disease, or similar mental state, but its use otherwise is improper. It is being discarded by the best scientific authorities, who prefer the term “Thought Transference,” etc. I have thought it advisable to use the term “telementation” in this connection, believing that it meets the requirements of the case better than any other term of which I have any knowledge. I expect it to come into general use before long." Chapter III - Mentative Induction

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