15.22 - Water is Sensitive to Thought

"Water is sensitive, and it responds to what we say. When we send good hado (vibration) to water by saying positive words to it, it will show us beautiful crystals." Dr. Masaru Emoto. See Figure 15.00a and Figure 15.00b

It is not water per se that is sensitive to thought but the etheric (quantum) substances of which water is composed that is sensitive to thought. Likewise it is not the words spoken but the thoughts held or engaged in just as the words are spoken. Because of the simplicity of the water molecule there is less molecular vibrational interference to these seeming subtle vibrations than say in a heavier metal molecule. Molecular substance such as water are EFFECTS of these sub-quantum (etheric) realms and these realms are sympathetic or coincident to Will or Mind Force; i.e., thought. This connection of Mind in and to Matter accounts for such things as "blessing" water and other objects, mental healing, power of prayer, etc.

This effect of Mind in Matter is not limited to water but extends to all substances as for instance metallic parts of the Musical Dynasphere, human body, hands, scientific experiments, plants, etc.

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