14.21 - Russell on Thought and Idea

"The soul is but the record of man's thinking." Russell, The Universal One

"I am soul, record of idea." Russell, The Universal One

"These little rotating particles of light associate themselves into inter-revolving or gyrating systems which continue the motion given to them by the energy of thinking. These systems are the records of all idea expressed in thinking." Russell, The Universal One

"All energy is light and all idea is light.

"All idea is born of the energy of thinking and all idea continues itself as idea by the energy of its thinking.

"Light units "grow" just as all things grow, and by the same process, the absorption of the energy of other light units.

"Just as simple idea becomes involved and complex in the thinking, so do light units grow from simplicity to complexity.

"Radium was once hydrogen; gold was lithium; man was helium; the mountain was silicon; the cooling dew was flaming nitrogen; and all were all of these and all things else.

"Idea is evolutionary and continuous; therefore is the recording of idea also continuous.

"Idea is constantly building itself up in all forming systems.

"This is integration.

"This is what man calls growth. It is life.

"Idea is constantly tearing itself apart.

"This is disintegration." Russell, The Universal One, Book 2, Chapter 1

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