center point balance equilibrium fulcrum

Synonyms (more or less). A place of coincidence or meeting of forces.


Keely says that "''if a planet of 20,000 miles diameter, more or less, should have a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust 5,000 miles thick, leaving an intervening void between this crust and a center of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force as great to move this small center mass as it would to move the shell of 5,000 miles thickness. Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust forever, keeping it equidistant, and there could be no opposing power, however great, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load which bears upon this point of center where weight ceases. This what we understand by a neutral center.’’" [The Neutral Center]

"These pole's are so perfect in their workings, and so sensitive, that if a child throws a ball on this planet, every mass in the universe adjusts itself immediately to the changing position of that ball. The element of time does not enter into this effect of motion for it is universally simultaneous. Every mass in every system has an orderly and progressive change of position for its poles which are controlled from space by like poles, of which they are but the extensions. The spatial poles are also extensions of an infinite number of extensions, which have their focal point in the One universal equilibrium from which all polarized force extends as the appearance of two forces. One extension of the divided One Force controls all of the charging effects which accumulates energy gravitatively, by employing that centripetal, contractive attribute which is the electric endothermic inhalation of the One Force. The other extension controls all of the discharging effects which distributes energy radiationally, by employing that centrifugal expansive attribute which is the magnetic, exothermic exhalation of the living One Force." [Genero-Radiative Concept, Two-Way Consciousness]

The universe of dimensions is divided into plus and minus equilibrium. The universal seesaw is ever tilting above and below its balancing point in inertia. Both movements are simultaneous and exactly balance[d]. The wave is the universal seesaw within which all dimensions are measured. [Dimension Chart 5]

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Figure 10.06 - Vortices in Cube extending in to and out from Center
Figure 11.02 - Infinite Neutral Mind Centers and Controls All Motion
Figure 12.01 - Russells 4 Power Centered Scale
Figure 12.02 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale
Figure 12.04 - Locked Potential Points Relations and Descriptions
Figure 12.06 - Mind Centers and Controls Motion
Figure 13.01a - Countless Spinning Stars about their common Neutral Center
Figure 13.02c - Dynasphere Neutral Center
Figure 13.03a - Showing receptive concussion of Positive and Negative forces at the Neutral Center
Figure 13.14 - Equilibrium as Reciprocal Forces
Figure 13.15 - Equilibrium as Musical Tonal Equivalents
Figure 13.16 - Compound Equilibrium States
Figure 14.07 - Love Principle: Two sympathetic waves expanding from two points have one coincident centering locus
Figure 14.08 - Force Contracts to Center - Energy Radiates from Center
Figure 14.09 - Force Contracts to Center - Energy Radiates from Center
Figure 15.04 - Gravity Generates Matter about Neutral Centers
Figure 16.05 - Electric Centering Shaft around which dances Magnetic Vectors
Figure 17.01 - Dynamical Gravitative Centers
Figure 17.02 - Gravity divides multiplies and balances Light and Sound
Figure 2.11 - Center Seeking and Center Fleeing
Figure 2.13 - Swirling Vortex around Neutral Centering Shaft
Figure 2.5 - Non-Point of Proto-Beginning
Figure 2.6 - Non-Point nothingness becoming All that Is
Figure 3.15 - Introductory Affinitizing to Center
Figure 3.17 - Balanced Vector Tendencies or Motions
Figure 3.25 - Celestial Seeks and Condenses at Center
Figure 3.33 - Syntropy Seeking Center - Entropy Fleeing from Center
Figure 3.6.1 - Tornadoes also have a Down Draft caused by its vacuous center
Figure 3.7 - Accumulating to Center on Three Planes
Figure 4.10 - Pulsating to and from Centers Orthogonally
Figure 4.9 - Pulsating to and from Centers Orthogonally
Figure 5.2 - Centers of Swirls are High Tension while Swirl Periphery are Low Tension
Figure 6.7 - Perspective of Tetrahedral Apices at Concentrative Centers
Figure 6.8 - Resulting in a Cube mutually assimilating to a Common Center
Figure 7B.14 - Electric Condensing Flows to Center
Figure 7B.15 - Triple Planes relative to Center
Figure 9.1 - Sympathy Connecting Neutral Centers
Figure 9.2 - Forces assimilating to and dispersing from Center of Coincidence
Figure 9.3 - Some Neutral Center Dynamics
Figure 9.4 - Radiation and Absorption interactions with Neutral Center
Figure 9.6 - Center and Periphery
Figure 9.7 - Two Centers Showing Complex Attraction Dynamics
Figure 9.8 - Triple Centers
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Table 14.02 - Neutral Thirds - Energy Radiates from Center - Force Contracts to Center
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10.07 - Centers of Mutual Attraction
12.06 - Mid-Tones and Neutral Centers
13.07 - Keelys Original Dynaspheric Neutral Center Concept
13.08 - Atlins Neutral Center Structure and Dynamics
13.12 - Compound Equilibrium
13.12.1 - Disturbance of Equilibrium
13.31 - Polarization Points
13.38 - Theory of the Induction of Sympathetic Chords to Excite Rotation by Vibraphonic Trajection to and from Centers of Neutrality on Revolving Globe
14.00.01 - Rhythmic Balanced interexchange between Attraction and Repulsion
3.16 - Neutral Centers as Points of Action
7.2 - Rhythmic Balanced Interchange
9.16 - Neutral Center Dynamics
9.17 - Fulcrums of Power
9.18 - Atoms as Sympathetic Centers
9.19 - Centers of Force
9.20 - Center and Periphery
9.21 - Dynamic Centers
9.22 - Multiple Excited Centers
9.7 - Neutral or Focal Centers

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