9.18 - Atoms as Sympathetic Centers

"..atoms sympathetically absorb the vibrations and dissipate from themselves, as centers, concentric waves.." Keely

These forces decreating Space (anti-matter or Dark Matter or ether) centripetally come in to a center creating active matter, forces decreating matter go out centrifugally from a center to create depolar Space (anti-matter or Dark Matter or ether). Atoms, being concentrative centers, could be referred to as centers of resonance of a given vibratory range. Etheric centers would have a higher rate of vibration as molecules would be lower vibration centers of resonance.

"CREATION: All form is generated from the One source of thinking Mind by a preponderance of the concentrative, contractive pressures of the centripetal force of thinking. DE-CREATION: All form is radiated back into the One source of thinking Mind by a preponderance of the decentrative, expansive pressures of the centrifugal force of thinking." Russell, The Universal One

The Neutral Center assimilates the centripetal polar vibratory forces and transforms them into centrifugal depolar energies according to the Law of Attraction and Law of Repulsion. These two forces are the same forces but in a different state or condition or degree of concordance and discordance. The greater the concordance the greater their mutual affinity or center seeking tendencies - the greater the accumulated power and density. The greater the discordance the greater their mutual repulsion or center fleeing tendencies. These two forces are always reciprocal and proportional. The center is the switch, fulcrum or gate between the two states or conditions.

Phases of a Wave

Figure 9.5 - Phases of a Wave as series of Expansions and Contractions (courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)

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