noun: everything that exists anywhere ("They study the evolution of the universe")

“Philosophy (nature) is written in that great book which ever is before our eyes, I mean the universe, but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written. The book is written in mathematical language, and the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word of it; without which one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth.” [Galileo]

"Not one action of motion by man or Nature - in all the universe - can escape from the absolute centering of its action by the Controller of all action." [Atomic Suicide, page 171]

"All effects of motion are repeative. Repeative means reproductive. Energy reproduces itself in repeative units. The entire universe is but a repetition of these spiral wave units in varying dimensions. Energy does not travel. It reproduces. This is a universe of reproduction.

Energy is constant. It has no variation. All of the energy of the universe is back of all of the motion of the universe. The apparent variability of energy is due solely to variability of dimension. Time dimension decreases its speed in favor of power dimension of higher potential." [Chart One Wave of Any Substance]

The universe of dimensions is divided into plus and minus equilibrium. The universal seesaw is ever tilting above and below its balancing point in inertia. Both movements are simultaneous and exactly balance[d]. The wave is the universal seesaw within which all dimensions are measured. [Dimension Chart 5]

The inequality of the equinoctial points is a well-known fact. It will be seen how apparent this is in the developments of harmonies. From the moment that trinities depart from unity, the balance is unequal, and the repeated endeavours after closer union cause a perpetual restlessness. May not this want of equilibrium be the life or motive power of the entire universe, with its continuous struggle after concord, even to oneness? "Closer and closer union is the soul of perfect harmony." In tracing harmonies of tones and colours, the double tones of keyed instruments will be seen to correspond with the intermediate tints and shades of colours. The twelve notes, scales, and chords in the major and minor series, the meetings by fifths, &c., all agree so exactly in their mode of development, that if a piece of music is written correctly in colours with the intermediate tints and shades, the experienced musician can, as a rule, detect errors more quickly and surely with the eye than the ear, and the correct eye, even of a non-musical person, may detect technical errors. Although the arithmetical relation has been most useful in gaining the laws, it is not here entered upon; but numbers equally meet all the intricacies both of tones and colours. The bass notes have been omitted, in order to simplify the scheme. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, The Arabian System of Music, page 21]

Part of your growth is to understand that if the technology that man develops offends or contradicts the Laws of Nature or the Universe, the Universe herself will make it right. So, along with technology, a chain reaction of events is established. If the thinking of the head alone is used to develop methods to meet challenges, the Universe is not being duly consulted, thus the implications rest upon the individual. There is Nature to answer to. If one uses the more harmonious thinking of the Heart in conjunction with the mental faculties, one becomes sensitized to far-reaching effects more keenly, thus avoiding typically unseen pitfalls. Until you feel that you can offer assurance that your technologic advances will not be misused and create more pain, you need to consult your Heart as a guide. By using your head, you engage in a realm of exercise that is an invitation to be altered by another’s thinking and perception of “need”. Are you willing to take on this responsibility? You must be more clever than I, if you answered in the affirmative. [Jesus, Good Heart]

“HERMES: Thus the Universe is a body.
AESCLEPIUS: Yes, certainly.
HERMES: And it is a body that is moved.
AESCLEPIUS: Yes, certainly.
HERMES: Of what size then must be the space in which the Universe is moved, and of what kind? Must it not be far greater than the Universe in order to allow continuous movement, without the Universe becoming oppressed and so stopping its motion?
AESCLEPIUS: Immensely vast must be that space, O Trismegistus.
HERMES: Is it not of an opposite nature, Aesclepius? The opposite of the nature of the body is the incorporeal.
AESCLEPIUS: Undoubtedly.
HERMES: Space then is incorporeal. But the incorporeal is either of a divine nature or it is God. (By divine I do not mean what has been created, but what has not been created). If the incorporeal is of a divine nature, it has the nature of the essence of creation; and if it is God it is one with the nucleus. Indeed, it may be comprehended as follows: For us, God is the highest object to which the thinking can direct itself; for us, but not for God himself. For the object of contemplation becomes attainable for the one who thinks in the light of insight. Therefore, for himself God is not an object of contemplation; for as he is not separate from the essence of contemplation, he contemplates himself.
For us, however, God is separate: that is why he is the object of our thinking.
When we now consider universal space, we perceive it not as space, but as God; and if, for our thinking, space appears as God, it is no longer space in the customary sense of the word, but the effective power of God which embraces everything.
All that is moved does not move in something that is moved itself, but in something that is immovable; the motive force itself is also immovable, because it cannot take part in the movement it causes.” [The Corpus Hermeticum]

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