Mind Is the Principle of the Universe

"Assumption number one: That the human mind is predicated on sense perception; that's the primary definition of the human mind. False!

The universe is organized on the basis of principle. You live in a society which is either Aristotelean, or is Sarpian, or is shit! So, it's incompetent. You start from these assumptions, and you say, "We're now going to do an objective study of this 'thing,' which we have now defined. Just like we defined the universe as being based on particles."

It isn't! The universe is not based on particles. The Periodic Table contains a fundamental flaw. And therefore, all our assumptions are wrong!

So therefore, we go to cosmic radiation, but what happens then? We fall into a real soup then, because the question of the Noosphere screws everything up. What we are able to do as human beings, is to tap in to the development of the Noosphere; and the Noosphere runs the universe. Or the principle of the Noosphere runs the universe. And in the universe, the living processes are higher than the non-living processes. Exactly contrary to what the axiomatic hypotheses are.

That's why this business of cosmic radiation is crucial.

First of all, Einstein did not solve the problem of General Relativity; he defined the problem of General Relativity, in a descriptive way. That you put it together, and you have to take account of all of this, the space-time relationship. But the problem with the space-time relationship, is we assume that the thoughts we are using, the arguments we are making, are based on assumptions about the nature of the human mind: They are reductionist." [Lyndon Larouche]

from Mind is the Principle of the Universe

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