expanding universe theory

The great telescopes of man have revealed thousands of spiral nebulae in the heavens which give the impression of great pinwheels of fire that appear to be unwinding like huge clock springs, which throw out many stars like balls of fire in misty clouds of fire as they unwind. The spectroscopes of the laboratory have shown conclusively that these nebulae are all rushing away from each other with tremendous speeds. This fact has given rise to the assumption that the universe is running down like a clock, and that when all of these hot nebulae have expanded into cold space the universe will die of a cosmic disease called entropy, which means heat-death. The theory which gave rise to this belief is known as the expanding universe theory. This theory, likewise, arose from another theory which conceived the universe as having had its birth from some giant cataclysm untold ages ago, which caused a huge ball of fire to form. The theory assumed that this cosmic fireball is now splitting up into smaller fireballs and gradually wasting away toward disappearance into the nothingness from which they came." [Atomic Suicide, page 154]

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