central point

Center, focus, fulcrum, neutral center.

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I asked the Creator - 'Universal Consciousness' - why mankind endured so much suffering and evil.
I was then shown very clearly that all the problems experienced by humans arose from the 'central point' of the self, (science now calls this the 'ego').
It manifested itself in the 'personality'
as a DRIVING NEED to defend the self from criticism or emotional/physical attack
and a similar DRIVING NEED to push aside other people, in order to arrive first in the race of life.
It also manifested itself in the 'personality'
as a DRIVING NEED to take all that was best for the self, despite the opposition of others and a similar DRIVING NEED to hold on to personal possessions, be they relatives, friends, material goods or achievements, despite any opposition.
I was also made to understand that without these TWO fundamental, eternal, undeviating 'impulses of creative being' there would be no creation.

This is the secret of creation - and the secret of existence and of 'individual being'." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 24]

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