two points of stillness

"The inner rims of rings, which constitute those loops of force, are coming closer together, which multiplies heat, potential and density, because of the outward explosive resistance to that compression. Now test the hole for heat and you can quite easily measure it. Also, test it for potential and you will find that density increases in the direction of the center, for resistance increases in that direction. Now, test it for polarity and you will

[p. 132]

find that a very thin needle on the end of a thread will seek two points of stillness where gravity is being divided, and potential is being multiplied at 90 degree angles from its axis." [Atomic Suicide, page 131-132]

This creates the utterly impossible condition of giving matter two shafts of gravity, which are at right angles with each other, as shown in Fig. 75." [Atomic Suicide, page 283]

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