noun: the occasion on which Jesus Christ was brought back to life after his death, according to the Bible
noun: the act of making something exist again or of starting to use something again after it has disappeared, been forgotten, or stopped being used

As a result of all this the scales fell from the eyes of an ecclesiastical scholar, when I explained to him that the earthly remains of life (mineral and metallic trace-elements) were essential for the processes of reproduction, regeneration and upward evolution. Whereupon he responded, "My, but what a joke it would be, if we too had got hold of the wrong story! If the true rigmarole of the resurrection can only begin, when all the various cadavers are moved planetarily in the womb of All-Mother Earth, a motion the techno-academic school-aristocrats have now turned inside out and into the opposite, then after we've gone every last remnant of culture must also disappear!" [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Biological Vacuum - The Optimal Driving Force for Machines]

In a word, after decades-long observations, trials and series of experiments, I succeeded in getting to the bottom of this mysterious double-game of Nature's and in becoming aware of the unspeakable ferocity and purest mother-love that are united behind her two eternally concealed faces. I came to recognise the scales of fate of all life upon which every action is scrupulously weighed after death and that whatever is no longer fit for the next higher evolutive progression is once more ruthlessly eliminated, it being of too inferior a quality for its metaphysical transformation into exalted entities in the form of the above formative and levitative current. It has to return to greater or lesser depths within the Earth to interact with those vibratory influences in such a way that out of these basic substances new formative and levitative energies evolve for a renewed attempt to rise. It is these revitalised substances, whose higher forms of cooling essences possess expanding and upwardly impelling functions, which make this resurrection possible. Falling and concentrating light- and heat-forms then subsequently ensure the intermediate solidification of 'what is destined to vegetate', namely the actual physical form of growth in which the counter-energies also reside, which initiate the further interactions that enable this intermediate assembly of raw materials to grow, to reproduce and further evolve itself. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

The product of this event is the mysterious upcurrent, the naturalesquely ordained resurrection marvel. Springing forth from 'higher' temperatures, it rationally and truthfully explains the increase of what is corpuscular and its qualitative improvement - in a word, the transmutation and perfection of all that is raw material - the process of self-renewal, or to put it briefly, evolution and all growth, its coming into being and passing away. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

29. Resurrection means what? It is reciprocal of that which has been expressed. How hath it been put again by him whom ye knew but disliked (for ye loved Peter the better)? "There is no life without death, there is no RENEWAL without the dying of the old." Dying is not blotting out, it is transition - and ye may know transition by that as comes into the experience by those very activities, that "With what measure ye mete it shall be measured to thee again." That was His life, that is thy life, that is each one's life. Then how near, how dear has grown in the hearts, in the minds of all, those who put away self that they may know Him the better?

30. HE put away self, letting it be nailed to the Cross; that the NEW, the renewing, the fulfilling, the BEING the Law, becomes the Law!

31. For it is the Law to BE the Law, and the LAW is Love! Even as He showed in all of His manifestations, in the material experiences in the earth; that ye doubted, honestly - that is in the eyes, in the heart, in the soul even of the Creator counted - even as of old - desire, honest desire (not because faults did not arise in the material world but they were meted to Abraham, even as he said) - as FAITH!

32. Faith is manifested by that evidence of things not seen, but the hope in the promises of that which is Creative in thine inner self, thine own soul, as it seeks expression, hopes for in the life, yea in the blood of the Lamb which is the Life that lights the whole world! Cayce (1158-009)

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