Progressive Evolution

Melodic: the passage from tone to tone;
Harmonic: the passage from chord to chord.
Volumetric or Geometric Progression: from volume to volume.
Sometimes called Cascade.

There are two kinds of progression, melodic or harmonic. Speaking in general terms, the former (Melodic Progression) is a "succession of sounds forming a tune or melody" but the term is also applied to an "imitative succession of melodic phrases" that is to a melodic sequence. Harmonic progression is "the movement of one chord to another" and is diatonic or chromatic. The term is also sometimes used as synonymous with sequence. [Dictionary of Musical Terms]

Progressive Disintegration
"The question arises, how and by what means are we able to measure the velocity of these capsules and the differential range of their vibratory action? Also, how can we prove beyond dispute the facts relating to their sympathetic government? By progressive disintegration; this is the only way; and it is accomplished by the proper exciters of vibratory focalization; the introductory acoustic impulses which negatize their molecular, atomic and interatomic media of neutral attractions, towards their focalized centers of sympathetic aggregation." [Keely in Keely and His Discoveries]

In a word, after decades-long observations, trials and series of experiments, I succeeded in getting to the bottom of this mysterious double-game of Nature's and in becoming aware of the unspeakable ferocity and purest mother-love that are united behind her two eternally concealed faces. I came to recognise the scales of fate of all life upon which every action is scrupulously weighed after death and that whatever is no longer fit for the next higher evolutive progression is once more ruthlessly eliminated, it being of too inferior a quality for its metaphysical transformation into exalted entities in the form of the above formative and levitative current. It has to return to greater or lesser depths within the Earth to interact with those vibratory influences in such a way that out of these basic substances new formative and levitative energies evolve for a renewed attempt to rise. It is these revitalised substances, whose higher forms of cooling essences possess expanding and upwardly impelling functions, which make this resurrection possible. Falling and concentrating light- and heat-forms then subsequently ensure the intermediate solidification of 'what is destined to vegetate', namely the actual physical form of growth in which the counter-energies also reside, which initiate the further interactions that enable this intermediate assembly of raw materials to grow, to reproduce and further evolve itself. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

Progressive Evolution of Overtones
Harmonic, partial or overtone generation from a keynote or fundamental. [See Evolution]

Law of Harmonic Pitch
"Any aggregate in a state of vibration develops in addition to its fundamental pitch a series of vibration in symmetrical sub-multiple portions of itself, bearing ratios of one, two, three, or more times its fundamental pitch." [Keely See Law of Cycles]

Digressive Devolution of Undertones
Development of undertones from a fundamental.

Law of Harmonic Vibrations
"All coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period-frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the pitch of the atomole." [Keely See Law of Cycles]

Linear or Melodic Progression is expanded upon in
Harmonies of Tones and Colours - Developed by Evolution
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Volumetric or Geometric Progression is described in Russell's Scale of Locked Potentials

Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression [see Laws of Being]

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