Ac*tin"ic (#), a. Of or pertaining to actinism; as, actinic rays. Same as ACTIENIC RAYS.

The active rays emanating from the sun. [see Celestial Radiation]

All Mass is Controlled by Invisible Polarized Force in Space

All Mass is Controlled by
Invisible Polarized Force in Space

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Actienic Rays

Actienic Rays (click to enlarge)

"The ultraviolet spectrum extends from approximately 380mu wavelength down to the softest x-rays. The longer ultraviolet rays, of vital importance for organisms, are often called actinic rays." [A Newly Discovered Law of Physics]

Electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays or ultraviolet light, that can produce an image on a photographic emulsion.

"The sun during the period between eleven or eleven-thirty and two o'clock carries too GREAT a quantity of the actinic rays that make for destructive force to the superficial circulation." [Cayce (934-2)]

"Terrestrial magnetism is the earth's Electricity. The atmospheric vapors of the earth absorb the greater part of the calorific rays, and the actinic rays pass almost entirely into the earth; the former become charged with the positive, and the latter with the negative force; and thus the negative becomes characteristic of the earth, and the positive of the air. Then the rain falls and the hail and the snow, bearing the positive with them; which, upon entering the earth, is compelled to come into a state of Harmony with the earth's negative; the two poles acting in equilibrium constitute magnetism. Hence the earth itself becomes a powerful magnet; and everything earthly partakes of its nature, in some degree." [What Electricity Is - Bloomfield Moore]

Actinism Ac"tin*ism (#), n. Gr. , ray. The property of radiant energy (found chiefly in solar or electric light) by which chemical changes are produced, as in photography.

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