Law of Oscillating Atoms

"All atoms when in a state of tension are capable of oscillating at a pitch inversely as the cube of their atomic weights, and directly as their tension from 42 to 63 octaves per second, producing the creative force (Thermism), whose transmissive force (Rad-energy) propagated in solid, liquid, and gaseous ether, produces the static effects (Cohesion and Chemism) on other atoms of association, or dissociation, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Law of Repulsion.

Scholium: Dark radiant heat begins at absolute zero temperature, and extends through light, chemical rays, actienic rays, and infra-violet rays, up to the dissociation of all molecules to the 63rd octave." [Keely, pre1894] [Dashed Against the Rock]

Commentary - April, 2017
It has been deduced Keely was at times and for specific purposes using atomic substances as Creative resonators whose vibratory (heat) emissions could be used to influence or modulate other substances. In the vibration range given "42 to 63 octaves" the atomic substance would be thermally excited (heated). The above law provides a method to calculate precise frequencies. The resultant thermal emissions (heat) when specifically controlled would produce association, dissociation and other physical and chemical effects such as melting, alloying and the like. All this seems trivial and not anything new until the Laws of Harmony and Repulsion are considered. A review of the Bjerknes Effect and Sympathetic Association might be in order.

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