Law of Harmony

Things relative to each other are either in harmony (unison) or they are in some degree of discord. It is this relative degree of harmony and discord that determines the attributes, character and parameters of a combined union (atom or molecule). [See Laws of Being]

"When one looks in nature of every character, the first law is harmony, and is of divine origin, even as life, and when same is not in accord WITH that of the Creative Energy, or God, discord is the result." [Cayce (4733-1)]

Law of Force
"Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or Harmony." [Keely, 1894]

Law of Harmonic Pitch
"Any aggregate in a state of vibration develops in addition to its fundamental pitch a series of vibration in symmetrical sub-multiple portions of itself, bearing ratios of one, two, three or more times its fundamental pitch." [Keely, pre 1894]

Law of Harmonic Vibrations
"All coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period-frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the pitch of the atomole." [Keely, pre 1894]

One of the foundation stones of vibratory physics is that "no differentiation can exist in the workings of the pure law of harmony." If this be correct, then all so-called elements have a triple basis, as vibratory physics teaches, for the system that represents harmony in one sense must represent it in all, or everything would be brought into "chaotic confusion." Therefore, as Keely surmised, long before he was able to prove it to his own satisfaction, hydrogen must, under the conditions of this law, be composed of three elements; and these three elements in turn must each have a triple formation, and so on indefinitely, until verged into the infinite interluminous. [Newton of the Mind]

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