Figure 1.5 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart

Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart

Symbolically showing full dynamical gamut of Mind (on right) integrating counter-clockwise (top of chart) into Matter (on left) and Matter disintegrating (bottom of chart) to Mind in a continuous loop. Thus illustrating decentralized Mind is non-motion-in-inertia while Matter is Mind-in-motion, centralized. Also shown are the various dualities as found in nature, Keely's structural concepts, Russell's Locked Potentials and links to conventional science and Eastern philosophies.

Red is syntropy - blue is entropy.

NOTE - This chart does NOT show the dynamics of the vortex. The vortices at the left are there to show that it is in this position of this chart that Syntropy and Entropy come together to create the elements. The nature and dynamics of the vortex or incredibly complex. Russell's vortex drawings of which there are many in diverse configurations are over simplifications showing discrete concepts. To meld them together into a comprehensive paradigm is an arduous undertaking involving many parts and dynamics. [see Vortex]

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