Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema

Chart of
Reflections to Infinity


"Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room whose walls, ceiling and floor are six mirrors. No matter what direction you look you would see yourself mirrored in every one of those six mirrors, the four which are around you and the two which are above and below you.

"If you look carefully at all of the replicas of you which you see in those six mirrors you will note that every image of you is in reverse. Your right side is left, your head is below your feet in the mirror below and your feet are above your head in the mirror above. This most distinguishing characteristic of motion seems never to have been observed.

"If you were a true sphere of light, like a sun, that perfect cube of six mirrors of zero curvature would be a wave field which measures the intensity of your desires and limits your powers of expression within them. Beyond them you cannot extend, and what you extend to them comes back to you in kind.

"You will also see the mirrored images of yourself, which are in each of the six mirrors, again mirrored behind your own first image as each mirror reflects itself and its image into series after series of mirrors which reach beyond your capacity into a mirrored infinity.

"That is what infinity is. INFINITY is a mirrored extension from one imagined point in the universe to every other imagined point, and back again to that same point from every other imagined point. Infinity is zero simultaneously multiplied and divided by zero, forever and forever. See 6.14.1 - Mirror Cube

"That is also what the brotherhood of man means. Every man in that cube mirrored universe of six mirrors infinitely multiplied and divided by zero is but one man. There are no others.

"Every creating thing in the universe is an infinite extension of every other creating thing. All are one. Each is the other.

"If desire for an action takes place at any zero point in that six mirrored universe, that same zero point is reflected throughout the infinity of cube extensions of that limited little universe, which yours is, if you see only its limitations without being able to see its reflections which extend your limitations into infinity.

"That zero point of your desire is where you begin and end. That point is universal. YOU are universal. The Self of you is there as universal Self. Your Soul is there, as universal Soul. The other reflected zero points are points of beginning and ending of every thought and action which you give expression to. They go forth from that point and come back to that same point to be recorded in that zero of your Soul which centers the universe of YOU.

"At that immeasurable and invisible point is the entire eternal record of you. What you are is the sum total of your desire. Your Soul records your desire. See Akashic Records

"Electrically all of the reflected extensions of that point of YOU are termed harmonics. Those harmonics stand ready to repeat the record of yourself throughout the universe in waves – and when those waves of your thoughts and actions lie still the record still awaits in the zero of your beginning, and all of its extensions, throughout the infinity of imagined space. See Figure 96, page 632.

"Chemically these zero points of beginnings and endings are the inert gases of the elements, the patterned seed record from which the octave waves of the elements of matter appear. The inert gases are the seed from which patterned waves of the elements spring as oak trees spring from the patterned inert gas which centers the acorn. The plane upon which the inert gases rotate is 90 degrees from the plane of carbon's equator, which is upon the wave's amplitude. See Figure 103.

"The inert gases are the electric records of all patterned bodies. They record all actions and motion which constitute events, but they do not record the morals, ethics, inspirations or the mental qualities of the genius in you. These God qualities are recorded in the Soul which centers the physical record. Thought records are stored in the inert gases which become cell memory, instinct, and other attributes of body building. These records carry over from body to body forever, and unfold true to the patterns of the negatives in space which they center. See Etheric Elements

"The whole pattern of an oak is not just in the inert gas which centers the acorn, nor is the whole of man in the seed of man. Every pattern reaches out into the wave field which contains the negative counterpart of its positive, visible body.

"If you will but remember that Soul is DESIRE in the seed, its motivating force, you will then comprehend how the inert gas acts as a nucleus, or center around which matter in motion accumulates to make a new body. This it could not do without the motivating force of desire, for nothing is, or becomes, without desire.

"In this is the answer to why bodies do not inherit the genius of their parents. They inherit only the bodies, for bodies are motion, the motion of thoughts is all that is recorded in matter. Intelligence cannot be transmitted but bodies of highly intellectual people develop bodies which are more capable of becoming intellectuals than those who have not developed great brain capacity for storing thought-records." See Akashic Records

Fig. 112 — The six mirrors which form the screen of space upon which the cosmic drama of creation is thrown.
Fig. 113 - The whole wave field projection machine of nine mirrors which create the illusion of form and motion in a zero universe of electrically recorded mind imagings.


"Instead of imagining yourself being at that center you now are there in body, and your desire is to throw a ball.

"You now make a momentous discovery in relation to this cosmic projection machine in the center of which you are standing. You now discover that there are nine light mirrors instead of six, and you wonder why.

"You discover that the bringing of your objective self into its center brought with it also these three more equators which divided you into three dimensions, length, breath and height, which were not there before you stepped into it, and your imagined image of yourself did not disclose that fact before. See Figures 105 to 113.

"Figure 105 represents your imagined point in God's undivided equilibrium which you wish to extend to manifest YOU, and DESIRE in you, in a divided, three dimensional world of illusion. See Maya

"Figure 106 represents your extension of desire in height to the limits of your wave field. The one zero of Figure 105 has now been extended to become three zeros. You now have a measure of height in your wave field beyond which you or any action of yours, cannot pass, but a reversed image of you can seem to pass. That seeming seems so real to your senses that you do not doubt its reality, or suspect its illusion.

"Figure 107 represents your extension of desire in length to become three zeros. You have now extended yourself two dimensionally, such as a painting of you would be.

"Figure 108 represents your extension of desire in breadth to become three more zeros of rest between which you may divide your little universe into the action-reaction which you desire. The intensity of that desire has been measured out for you the moment you desired to perform the action.

"Observe very carefully the fact that there are three times three zeros now measured out for you in the Light of equilibrium which you now wish to seemingly disturb by the action of throwing a ball. Each three is a manifestation of The Divine Trinity, and the total of nine is as far as any expression of motion can go in the curved universe which your action is about to create.

"The nine zeros measure the length, breadth and thickness (height) of your desire to reach out from the point in space from which to express your desire to the six mirrors which bound your wave field. You now discover that the three inner mirrors which you had not noticed before you became objective, are the actual projectors of your desire, and the other six boundary mirrors are the cube screen upon which the projecting mirrors of your own little cosmic cinema throw the patterned motion picture of your desire.

"The cosmic cinema, therefore, consists of three projection mirrors of zero curvature and six receiving mirrors upon which the patterned forms of creative desire are projected as a three dimensional screen of space. See Figures 109-110 and 111 for the three inner projection mirrors and Figures 112 and 113 for the cosmic cinema screen of six mirrors.

"You must thoroughly understand that mirrors and equators are the same thing. We use the two words because each has a different connotation. The word 'mirrors' connotes reflection and they reflect every happening on each side of them to the other side in reverse.

"We use the word 'equators' in the sense that they equalize all polarized effects. The stillness of the universal equilibrium could not be divided into opposite conditions of motion unless equators are established between the two into which both disappear when depolarization restores balance between the two. Radiation and gravitation are simulated by these mirrors.

"You cannot see the equators of space but there are many you can see, and many you can know where to locate without being enabled to see. For example, you know where to locate the equator which divides the two opposite conditions which exist in the northern and southern hemispheres.

"The calm surface of water is an equator which you can see. When in equilibrium its relation to gravity is the same at every point upon its surface. When polarization divides that equilibrium by curving gravity pressure to points above and below that calm surface motion will continue until depolarization restores the normal stillness of an undivided equilibrium.

"You can see a violin string, but you may not realize that while it is at rest it is an equator between two possible unbalanced conditions, just as the calm surface of the water is. When you produce sound by vibrating it, sound waves spring from it as waves of water spring from the calm lake, but the universal equilibrium is protected from being upset by wave field systems of nine equators. Within these insulating fields polarization can express its opposition, but cannot pass beyond.

"Spheres reach completion into true symmetrically balanced forms only at wave amplitudes where diagonals of eight wave fields meet.

"For this reason spheres have within them the eight octave wave tones of the sphere which is Father-Mother of the other three divided pairs.

"There is no sound at all where that violin string equator is, just as there is no motion when waves of water reverse their polarization at their equator.

"You must thoroughly realize that the slightest motion of any kind polarizes an environment and equators are immediately set up to keep the universal balance from being disturbed - which is impossible.

"The airplane on the ground is in equilibrium, at rest with its environment. The moment it moves it polarizes that environment. Nine insulating equators are immediately formed in the measure of the intensity of motion. You are more familiar with the equator which is behind the plane, the one which is equidistant from the two poles which have been set up by motion, but equator planes of zero curvature are set up all around the plane in all of the six directions which extend from its center.


"Right here and now is the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of God's Word as expressed in The Message of the Divine Iliad, which we again repeat: "For behold I am within all things, centering them, and I am without all things, controlling them".

"The three inner mirrors of God's Light give to you the measure of your desire to extend your action.

"The six outer mirrors REPEAT YOUR ACTION IN KIND as the reaction to your action. They not only give back to you in kind that which you have given but they repeat it unto the whole universe in kind. See Karma, Mental Manifestation

"Whatever you do unto man you do unto yourself and all men.

"That is the law. Now prove it - and understand it - by beginning your action of throwing the ball and take note of the amazing series of things which are happening. Let us number these happenings.


"As you throw the ball away from you with your right arm toward the image of yourself in front of you, the other one is throwing the ball away from himself and back toward you with his left arm.

"You could not throw the ball without concentrating the power to do so toward a point of rest from which the ball starts its journey. The measure of your concentrated power is the measure of your concentrated desire. Concentration of power means to accumulate it to a point of stillness. That is the generative principle of Nature which is known as gravity. GRAVITY IS THE ACCUMULATION OF POWER TO RADIATE GOD'S GIFT OF LOVE.

"The point of beginning where your ball comes to rest ready for the radiative action is a center of gravity. You have borrowed the power to hurl the ball from the center of gravity of the earth. You intend to extend earth's gravity into the heavens. This you cannot do without earth's permission. It freely lends you its power to radiate its gravity, for it demands repayment in equal measure after you have fulfilled your desire.

"Earth therefore extends to you a fulcrum from which you may extend your desire. Your body must become the lever which extends your desire into four dimensional form. It is from that still fulcrum of borrowed gravity which you extend your action of giving of your abundant energy as a mechanical extension of the earth which your body is.

"Ten times ten thousand pairs of opposite reflected extensions of you are doing the same thing - throwing the ball away from themselves toward their opposites and away from themselves, each one of each pair being the reverse of its opposite, and acting in reverse. YOU NOW KNOW WHAT THE ELECTRIC CURRENT IS, and that should tell you what RADAR is. Likewise it explains RADIO and TELEVISION. [See Principle of Regeneration, 3.13 - Reciprocals and Proportions of Motions and Substance, 7.3 - Law of Love - Reciprocal Interchange of State on Multiple Subdivisions]

"As you throw the ball with great force from the center which is YOU, toward that extended image opposite you, its speed lessens until it reaches the measure of its height which has been set for you as the measure of your desire. It comes to rest at that point for the purpose of repeating its flight in reverse. That rest point is upon one of the six equalizing mirrors which bound your wave field. The ball itself, as a physical mass, may pass on into the next wave field, as it does all through Nature - but the motion of the ball, or the force which propelled it cannot pass beyond any mirror plane of zero curvature.

"The force which you generated has been entirely radiated at that boundary plane. Its speed has decelerated to zero. All that you had to give has been given.

"Your opposite mate has, likewise, expelled the ball from him with equally great force which decelerates in speed as it radiates away from him. His ball also came to rest at the same point that your ball came to rest. His action of GIVING is also finished as yours has.

The action of your desire to give out from you has been fulfilled. Starting from rest your desire has reached a point of rest. It must now return to a point of rest and regive all that has been given. The ball which you have thrown to your ten thousand times ten thousand mates now begins to descend into their hands from you, and into your hands from them. Regiving has begun its automatic reaction. THE BALANCING OPPOSITE OF RADIATION IS GRAVITATION.''

"As the ball which your opposite image has thrown to you falls in your hands it accelerates in speed because it is now approaching the inward direction of gravity. Gravity is multiplied potential and all objects falling toward a center of gravity multiply their speed.

"The gravity borrowed from earth to hurl the ball away from earth is now being repaid by the ball as it falls to earth. Every inch of falling adds to its potential just as every inch of rising subtracted from it.

"The power which you have given out from the abundance given you by earth for regiving has returned to you multiplied.

"The energy given by you for creative expression degenerated and devitalized you in the giving but regenerated you and revitalized you by the automatic irrevocable regiving. GIVING DEPOLARIZES AND REGIVING REPOLARIZES.

"Likewise, what it has done to you has been done to the whole universe. Whatever little universe you have created uplifts or lowers the level of the whole. What you have given returns in kind to bless or smite you - and the whole world.


"Every thought and action of anyone affects everyone. The unfolding of man to higher levels because of the balanced giving by the few is resisted by the downward drag of unbalanced taking by the many. (Bold added)

"What is happening anywhere is also happening everywhere.


"As you throw the ball upward toward your opposite mate, who is on the other side of the equator of rest which bounds one side of your measured wave field, you make the discovery that your ball is not being projected from you in a straight line. It gradually begins to curve.

"The same thing is happening to all of the other projected balls. They all curve in the same manner. Curvature also ceases at wave field boundary mirrors where motion ceases, and repeats its pattern of motion in reverse as motion also begins again on the other sides of all dividing equators.


"We are now entering a new world of illusion - the illusion of curvature which begins at the center of each wave field and ends at its boundary mirrors. That new world of spirals which wind and unwind - of spheres which oblate and divide their one focal center of gravity into two foci - of gyroscopes which give orderly tones in octave form to every unfolding system, and all of this marvel and majesty of Natural Law will briefly be unfolded in the last series of lessons which will climax with the revelation of the principle of means of which the cube mirror wave fields are formed and the nine octave cycles of the elements of matter form within them to become the stage for the setting of the Cosmic Drama of Creation, and for you and all mankind who are the actors in it.

"The great lesson you should learn from this is that the more you are enabled to give out from your own Self the more will be regiven to you.

"Giving does not lessen your substance, it multiplies it. Whatever Nature RADIATES is given back to her. It GRAVITATES back to repolarize the source of giving.

"When earth gives vapors to the heavens, the heavens multiply the vapors into rains and give them back to replenish earth. If earth withholds its giving of vapors it will become a parched desert. Its reservoirs of waters which it retains for itself, will become emptied.


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