Cosmic cinema

Fig. 23, 24, 25. The three projection mirrors of the Cosmic Cinema. [Atomic Suicide, page 112]

"God is ONE - at eternal rest. Creation is TWO in the perpetual tensions of motion. The divided two in action desire rest in Oneness. They find rest by interchange, but lose it as they find it until they can interchange no more. A long interval of rest in "death" then follows but it is only an interval. It is just one black gap of the many rests between actions of God's Cosmic cinema, which simulates the Idea of Creation which He has imagined into seeming being. Life in Mind is eternally existent. Life in matter eternally repeats its simulations of existence." [Atomic Suicide, page 117]

"It would be even more simple to think of our universe as a Cosmic cinema, for it parallels the cinema of man in every respect." [Atomic Suicide, page 178]

"There is no motion in the Cosmic cinema. All of it is a radial projection from a zero fulcrum of stillness. It is the apex of an unborn cone. A radial projection from zero creates the illusion of a three-dimensional universe. Its sequences of pulsings create the illusion of time. Your body is a Mind-projection of your Self." [Atomic Suicide, page 245]

"After all, a Cosmic cinema must have its projecting machine just as man's projector must have its mirrors and lenses. As a fact of Nature, the cube of nine light planes of zero curvature is the Cosmic projector, and the equipotential curved light-pressures, which are the product of that projection, are its lenses which divide and multiply projected effect." [Atomic Suicide, page 247]

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