Geometry and Mathematics of Octave Waves

1 - The formless zero universe is divided into four pairs of cubes and four pairs of spheres which are concentrically placed within each other. These four pairs of cube-spheres constitute one tonal octave of the universal harp. These tonal octaves are eight in number but appear to be nine for the first half of the ninth octave is the last of the first. See diagram No. 6 below.

2 -
0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 * 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0
Eight tones of amplified gravity
which accumulate in each octave wave

3 - The explosion of accumulated gravity occurs when the orange-yellow and green-yellow of the color spectrum collide and become "short circuited" by their union with white.

Geometry and Mathematics of Octave Waves

Text in the box on the left. Note sure I got them all correctly.

Two Groups of Words of Same Meaning

Gravitation Radiation
Generoactivity Radioactivity
Induction Conductivity
Electric Potential Explosion
Compression Expansion
Light Darkness
The Pinch Effect Short Circuit
Concentrate Decentrate
Growth Decay
Life Death
Appear Disappear

Radioactivity multiples
SPEED by losing power



Here is the text to the right of the zero vertical line. Blanks indicate what I cannot read. Also ALL the numbers need to be verified as several are not clear. :
9 - Gravity explodes radioactivity 143,398,528
8 - Gravity climbs to 16,674,816.
7 - Gravity compression is now 2,088,352.
6 - Gravity reaches 288, 544.
5 - Gravity now equals 33,768.
4 - Gravity multiplies to a cube power of 4096.
3rd octave - Gravity = 512.
2nd octave - Gravity power = 64. Wave speed reduces in cube ratio.
1st octave - begins here with a gravity power of 8.
CREATION BEGINS HERE. Wave speed, 186,400 miles per second.

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