Keely WaveFunction


The key to Keely's mastery of matter and energy lies in what I call the Keely WaveFunction. A wavefunction is a mathematical description of the factors involved in a wave, vibration or oscillation expressed over Time. Generally, science considers a wavefunction of one dimension or within a closed and defined range of frequency (to put it simply). In Keely's case the wavefunction is composite three dimensional wave function that operates within three levels, orders or ranges of frequencies, simultaneously. Thus it is more complicated but also more inclusive of the factors operating within a wave, vibration or oscillation. The Keely WaveFunction would include some if not all of the dimensions of the Russell WaveFunction.

Introduction to Keely's Wave Function - Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of Keely's work is his Wave Function. The Wave Function is comprised of those foundational forces creating all oscillation and vibration which are seen effects of those unseen causes. Fundamentally these forces are in the 3, 6 and 9 proportions discussed in the "Laws of Being - Annotated" and "Modes of Vibration - Annotated" and hinted at by Nikola Tesla.

The wave function preforms not unlike complex impedance calculations over Time but with more variables or dimensions. The Keely WaveFunction operates/is on three levels or orders simultaneously:

Molecular atomic Etheric

Each level or order has three motions/dynamics:

Harmonic = Syntropic Enharmonic = Entropic Dominant = Neutral

This table shows the three main levels or orders plus a fourth level or order.

cps range (gamut)
Sound Type
Sound Effect
Sound Action
Vibe Type
Governing Law
? - ?
Atoms Oscillate
4,398,046,511,104 / 1.8014398509482E+19
Atoms Oscillate
2,097,152 / 4,294,967,296,000
Internal Vibrations
1... 1,048,576
[see Law of Transformation of Forces for explanation of this Table]

[1] see Subdivision

[NOTE: 06/29/13; CPS needs to be recalculated]

The above three levels and three forces acting in each are delineated in the pages listed below, especially within the Laws of Being - Annotated and Modes of Vibration - Annotated.

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