Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances

Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances "Coherent atomic substances are capable of oscillating at a pitch varying directly as the density, and inversely as the linear dimensions from one period of frequency per unit of time to the 21st octave above, producing the creative force of Sonity, whose transmissive force (Sound) is propagated through the media of solids, liquids, and gases, and whose static effect (Sonism) produces attractions and repulsions between sympathetically vibrating bodies according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion." [Keely, pre 1894]

Commentary - February, 2017 It is my understanding "atomic substances" are pure elements not compounded or alloyed with any other elements - something like a crystal or pure lump of a simple metal. According to this law these vibrate within a frequency range up to the 21st octave (± 2,097,152 Hz) and are the midrange of radio frequencies. (Radio did not exist in Keely’s time.) These vibrations behave according to the Law of Force previously discussed and results in cohesion and dissociation according to dynamics as discussed in the Bjerknes Effect, Law of Attraction and Law of Repulsion. It is interesting to see Keely considers frequencies of sound extend this high in the low megahertz range. Today we consider this range the very useful ultrasound range as shown below.

Ultrasound Range

Ultrasound Range (click to enlarge)

It is also interesting to note Keely considered this multi-phase dynamic as having three distinct parts. The first being a Creative source such as a struck or excited tuning fork creating or originating a sound. The second being the excited medium of transmission, for instance the air. And third the effect on neighboring objects like another distant tuning fork. These three parts of a single tone are different from each other. They are not unlike the issues of a broadcasting radio antenna (creative), the atmosphere (transmissive) and the receiving antenna (static or receptive). In quantum entanglement these three aspects are represented by the first half of a split photon (creative), the etheric substrate (quantum transmissive field) and the second half of the split photon (static or receptive).

The quantum field is the same as the etheric field so often used and referred to by Keely and other Victorian scientists and engineers. This quantum or etheric field is the INTERETHERIC SIXTH SUBDIVISION and compound interetheric seventh subdivision or vacuum substrate connecting all things - Russell's Void, Space or Zero Universe. Because this field is occupied with countless types of quantum or etheric entities it has countless attributes which accounts for the many seemingly divergent definitions of ether from that time period. According to Keely its density is very high:

"Ether is an atomolic liquid 986,000 times the density of steel." Keely

The rule of thumb concerning transmissive mediums the propagation velocity is in direct proportion to its density. This being the case transmission rates in the quantum or etheric field are near instantaneous as is shown in those experiments resulting in so-called "spooky action at a distance" as in quantum entanglement, telepathy and remote viewing. This quantum or etheric substrate is the medium of Mind and Consciousness.

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