One More Step Toward Building The Cube-Sphere Wave-Field

"In the progress of these lessons the time has now come to clear up much confusion regarding what is so commonly called "the curvature of space", and sometimes referred to as "this curved universe".

We must clarify this confusion. In these lessons we have repeatedly said that all motion is curved. That does not mean that stillness is also curved. Motion springs from stillness and returns to stillness. The example of the fulcrum and the lever fully manifests this principle.

Just as we live in the changing physical universe and the unchanging spiritual universe simultaneously, so also do we live in the universe of motion and the still universe of non-motion simultaneously.

Likewise, we live in the undivided universe of Mind-knowing and the divided universe of Mind-thinking and sensing simultaneously.

In order that you may more clearly understand the relation of stillness to motion, the undivided in relation to the divided, the changing in relation to the unchanging, and the spiritual Light in relation to the physical lights of wave motion, we will draw a simple picture which you may remember and understand more clearly than you would remember a finished picture of the same thing. Here it is:

You have a desire to manifest an idea of yours.

You ask God to give you the power, and the substance to fulfill your desire.

God gives you six mirrors of His still Light, all put together in the shape of a perfect cube. Within the six are three more mirrors of His Light, all three set at right angles to each other.

God then says: "Here is the power, and the substance you have asked for to fulfill your desire and manifest your idea. My magnetic surveyors have measured it out for you in My undivided universe in the exact measure of your desire.

"I give you free will to do as you wish within the six mirrors of My Light which balance and control your actions from without, and three more balancing mirrors within the six which control your actions from within. For I say to you that these nine mirrors of My Light are My LAW, and they are also the means of enforcing My Law." [See 6.14.1 - Mirror Cube, 14.35 - Teslas 3 6 and 9]

Mirror Cubes of Matter and Energy
Mirror Cubes of Matter and Energy

"These nine Light mirrors of zero curvature and zero motion are your limitations, and the measure of them is the measure of your desire. You may change their measure, and your limitations, by changing the intensity of your desire, but beyond these nine you cannot go in any direction without arriving at the zero of your beginning and ending.

"Whatever you do in My divided universe, whether good or bad, balanced or unbalanced, or helpful or hurtful within the boundaries set for you, will come back to you in the measure set by you for your own universe of your own desire.

"For long aeons you have built your universe in your own image and desire. You have manifested that image of yourself for ages upon long ages, for you will not know Me in you.

"There will come a time when you shall begin to know the Light of Me in you. You will then manifest Me. You will then build your universe in My image. To know the Light of Me will be your sole desire. To seek and find My kingdom will be your sole purpose.

"What you do for yourself you do for all, for all are ONE in Me. You may reflect and extend your desire to all the universe to make a world of your desire with the desires of other men, but naught of motion, or change, or unbalance, or curvature shall pass My equalizing boundaries set for you and all mankind without being voided where My zero of rest ends all moving things, and begins them again at that zero of rest which is alone in Me." [Home Study Course]

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