"Perhaps the most fundamental of misconceptions is the Coulomb electric law which says that opposites attract, and that gravitation also is a force which pulls inward from within, and that it attracts other bodies, when, in fact, both of these beliefs are just the opposite from the facts of Nature upon which they were misconceived. Coupled with this unnatural conception is the equally unnatural one to the effect that the universe WAS CREATED about two billion years ago, and is now radiating its energy away, instead of it BEING CREATED eternally. With that concept there is no room for an "uphill flow of energy." There is but a "downhill flow." Knowledge of the nature of electricity would quickly dispel that idea that the universe itself is on its way to death. There are two opposed actions to every electric pulsation. One of them is GENEROACTIVE, which multiplies compression. That is Nature's "uphill flow," which charges. The other is RADIOACTIVE, which multiplies expansion, and that is its "downhill flow," which discharges. For this reason it is time that we begin to know the true nature of electricity and Magnetism, rather than theorize from what our senses tell us." [Atomic Suicide, page 103]

"We, therefore, repeat words written in earlier pages of this book, which say that our bodies express life only by the fast generoactive centripetal motion which charges and polarizes, and that they die only by the fast radioactive centrifugal motion, which discharges and depolarizes." [Atomic Suicide, page 265]

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