This bridge is the distance/span between scalar potential (God, Mind) and matter. How does the undisturbed equilibrium of the scalar potential become disturbed into kinetic motion? What is the connecting link between these two realms? What is it that connects the non-newtonian quantum world to the newtonian physical world?

"For music alone may span the space from the realms of the divine to the spheres of activity." [Cayce (3509-1)]

"For remember, music alone may span the space between finite and infinite." [Cayce (3659-1)]

"Music is a means or a manner of expressing harmonies of an individual in relationship to spiritual ideals and spiritual concepts." [Cayce 949-13]

"(Q) Would I do well to continue with my music? (A) It is that which spans the distance between the sublime and the ridiculous, between the finite and the infinite. Keep the music, for it is often a help to you to quell the storms of life." [Cayce 3179-1]

See Keely's beautiful music charts detailing his science.

Bridge from Heaven to Earth

"Keely stood, fourteen years ago, on the wrong side of the abyss which separates conjecture from fact. "The bridge of mist" he writes, "which spanned the chasm between the two is gradually resolving itself into one of granite, which the nations of the earth may safely traverse, stretching between the two centers; the celestial and terrestrial. The visible one is the one of mist: the invisible one is the one of granite." [from Keely and His Discoveries]

"In 1882 a lady, conversing with Mr. Keely, said, You have opened the door into the spirit-world. He answered, 'Do you think so? I have sometimes thought I might be able to discover the origin of life. At this time Mr. Keely had given no attention whatever to the occult bearing of his discovery; and it was only after he had pursued his researches, under the advantages which his small Liberator afforded him for such experiments, that he realized the truth of this woman's assertion. It was then, in 1887, that a 'bridge of mist' formed itself before him, connecting the laws which govern physical science with the laws which govern spiritual science, and year by year this bridge of mist has solidified, until now he is in a position to stand upon it, and proclaim that its abutments have a solid foundation '” one resting in the material and visible world, and the other in the spiritual and unseen world; or, rather, that no bridge is needed to connect the two worlds, one law governing both in its needed modifications." [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]

"Long, long ages pass before that bridge, which reaches out to him from its dark, becomes illumined with its own Magnetic Light of Mind-knowing, which then comes to him as inspiration. Even then man may still not know that God is actually talking to him in God's language of Light." [Atomic Suicide, page 241]

"In Fig. 62 you see God's end of the bridge between the Creator and His Creation. In Fig. 63 you see man's end of it. In Fig. 64 you see how both ends are united by the electric wave, and in Fig. 67 by the electric current." [Atomic Suicide, page 259]

Space and volume are inversely disposed opposites, which consume or animate one another depending on whether one is made to burn by the other or

[4] See description of air-turbine in Austrian Patent No. 145141, p. 115 of this book. —Ed.


is itself ennobled intrinsically through this reciprocal intensification and polarization. Today's technology mistakenly chose the former of the two processes and it is therefore no wonder that cancer is on the rampage here, there and everywhere.

Goethe said, "The driving wheels of Nature are polarity and intensification and whoever understands enough to untie also knows enough to bind." What is born in light, disintegrates in the coolness of the ground. It rises up and returns again as a ray of energy in order to quicken that which stands ready to become new life at the boundary between space and volume.

Every leaf is an animalistic magnet in monoplanar form, which attracts and radiates, depending on whether the Sun shines on it or cold caresses it. This great law of reciprocity also operates in water, which constantly restructures itself by altering its space and volume. The space is shaped by light and heat. The volume is a product of darkness and coolness. If we understand how to apportion the opposing relation between space and volume and how to organise its intrinsic structure, then the substance - water - will become 'The Space' and the formless volume its realisation, which is transformed instantaneously with heat-pressure, thereby creating the motion that fills the over-lying inter-space.

If nature-alienated humanity, however, reverses this purposeful process and combusts precisely those substances that occasion life, then they should no longer be surprised when the Sun burns up that which serves it as an intermediate space, and which serves humankind for the maintenance of life.

Life unfolds itself in three spheres:
1. in the Carbone[5] - sphere
2. in the Atmosphere
3. in the Stratosphere

The connection between these spheres is created by water. Conversely, the various states of aggregation of water form the bridges for the formation and reconstitution of the basic elements carried by water, which succeed in reaching the Earth's interior from the stratosphere and vice versa. The purely mechanical circulation of the physical form - water - operates in the opposite direction to the circulation of energy. The rising of the C-substances with their carrier - water - is countered by the sinking of the oxygen. Where these

[5] Carbone: In contrast to the normal use and definition of 'carbon', Viktor Schauberger grouped all the known elements and their compounds, with the exception of oxygen and hydrogen, under the general classification of 'Mother Substances', which he described with the word 'Kohle-stoffe', normally spelt 'Kohlenstoffe' and meaning carbon. Apart from the above definition the hyphen also signifies a higher aspect of carbon, both physically and energetically or immaterially. The additional V in the English word is therefore intended to redefine and enlarge the scope of the usual term 'carbon' in accordance with Viktor's concepts. On occasion carbone will be represented by the term C' [to] differentiate it from the normal term for carbon — C - Ed.


mutually contra-directional currents intersect, energy is freed. These energetic interactions can never reach a state of rest due to the constant variation in the length of night and day. Inevitably therefore, there is a continual shift in the individual microclimatic conditions, which further result in variations in the quantity and quality of the basic elements. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Conclusions]

The outcome of this incessant reciprocal activity on the one hand is the reconstitution of the various kinds of water present in the individual zones, and on the other, the constant transformation of the species of vegetation in which water makes its way, ceaselessly moved by this inner interplay of forces. This inner, energetic interaction, however, is opposed by the effect of the water's weight. The alternating magnitudes of these component forces inevitably lead to the constant rising and falling of the water particles - the so-called pulsation of water. Every new formation and all growth is derived from the smallest beginnings. Continuing development in the early stages can only be accomplished if the circulation in the Earth's interior proceeds correctly. According to inner law, every higher form of vegetation is built up from the lower species preceding it. The carrier of the substances and the transmitter of the life-processes in the root-zone is the groundwater. The impulse for its movement is caused by a drop in temperature, to which the inner metabolic processes of the here decisive groups of basic elements give rise. The impulse for the movement of water is thus a product of the interactions between the opposites contained within it, which find their necessary resistance in the water itself. Through the resistance arising from the interactions between carbone and oxygen, fluctuations in temperature again occur and with them the impulse to move - the pulsation of water, which in this way at times dissolves salts and at others deposits them, transports them, creates energies and transforms them. The sense and purpose of these perpetual transformation processes is the creation and maintenance of the various types of vegetation and physical forms, which on their part again represent the bridges for the build-up and maintenance of the energies. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Conclusions]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"Fifthly, I have come expressly to help science bridge the gulf between UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and the appearance of electrical particles. Without this bridge between the Unseen Spiritual Dimension and the Seen world of 'matter', science will remain rooted in old ideas and concepts instead of moving forward into new realms of spiritual/scientific research for the betterment of mankind." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5]

Mind cannot exist of itself but is dependent for its life on wisdom. It is everything that holds that middle place between tangible matter and an eternal truth. It is that part of us that can be changed, not that part that changes by decay as wood for example, but that part that is changed by the direct influence of a superior power. For instance, when one experiences a shock of pleasure or pain the condition of the system changes from the effect of it and that, that is changed is called mind.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby]
Article: Where Do I Differ, Etc.
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