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Spiritual Science is of the unseen, non-observable, scalar, spirit, quantum, Mind.

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong”. [Voltaire]

Rudolf Steiner
"Men hoped to satisfy their search for knowledge without initiation and so gradually came to believe that only the physical world was their field of research." But what is the physical world really? We won't come to terms with it if we only consider his physical appearance. We only understand the physical world when we are able to apprehend the spirit that informs it.

Humanity must regain this knowledge once again, because we are at a crossroads today. The world presents a picture of disruption and growing chaos. Yet we know that in the midst of this chaos, darkening passions that threaten to destroy everything, the intuitive are aware of the presence of spiritual powers that actively strive to awaken in man a new spirituality. And the preparation for anthroposophy is fundamentally listening to this voice of spirit that can still be heard amidst the cry of our materialistic age." [Rudolf Steiner, Torquay, August 16, 1924.]

"It is difficult to describe these things in words because our language has been coined for the external, physical plane, so we have to exert ourselves when applying it to super-sensible conditions. You could say that everything to which we ordinarily apply our understanding lives coarsely, densely in our soul because our brain is always at our disposal and is trained to deal with ideas and concepts relating to the physical plane. But to explain things which do not relate to the physical plane we have to exert our soul to such an extent that, when we study spiritual science, our brain plays an ever-decreasing part. When we experience difficulties in understanding what spiritual science gives us, this is only because our brain impedes our understanding. Our brain is adjusted and adapted to the coarse concepts of the physical plane and we have to exert ourselves to acquire the subtler concepts — subtler only in so far as human comprehension is concerned — of the spiritual world. This exertion is entirely healthy, it is certainly good, because with spiritual science we then live in our soul in a new way, quite different from that required by physical knowledge and understanding and ideas. We transport ourselves into a world of mobile, subtle pictures and ideas, and that is significant.
"It is possible for all of you to be aware of the point at which you are sufficiently within the sphere where the etheric body more or less lives on its own, using the brain only in faint vibrations. It is the point at which you begin to feel that you no longer have to exert yourself to think the thoughts given by spiritual science, in the way in which you have to exert yourself to think everyday thoughts. You know very well that you yourself make the thoughts which you think about everyday matters on the physical plane; you develop the concepts in accordance with the daily requirements and conditions of life, in accordance with sympathies and antipathies and with whatever is prepared by your senses and by your brain-bound understanding. With spiritual science, however, once you really enter into it, you will begin to sense: I have not thought all this myself; it has already been thought before I think it; it is floating there as a thought and merely enters into me. When you begin to feel: This is floating in the objective thinking of the universe and merely enters into me — then you will have won a great deal. You will have experienced a relationship to that delicate etheric, floating and weaving world in which your soul lives. After that it is really only a matter of time, though it might be quite a long time, before you gradually enter that sphere which we share with those among the dead with whom we are karmically linked." [Rudolf Steiner, The Karma of Untruthfulness II, Lecture XXI – Dornach January 20th, 1916 (CW 174)]

"The system, now being evolved and worked out to demonstration by Keely, restores, by religious science, the faith of which materialistic science has been robbing the world, thus confirming Dr. Lowber's assertions that materialists will never be able to reduce all natural and spiritual forces to mere vibratory action of matter; and that the reformatory movement in philosophy, which characterizes our age, will continue until all the sciences point to God and immortality." [Bloomfield-Moore, Progressive Science]

"For years Keely has been trying to utilize his discoveries for the material and moral advantage of humanity: and yet he feels, as Buckle has said of the present acquirements of science, that the ground only is broken, that the crust only is touched. The loftiest pinnacle which has been reached by the men who are foremost in their constructions of the method by which the one source of all energy works in the material world, is too insignificant a position to obtain even an outlook towards the vast realm that Keely figuratively describes as the infinite brain; or the source from which all "sympathetic-leads" emanate, that connect mind with matter. Realizing that all conditions of matter are but as vain illusions, he never falters in his determination to reach after the hidden things of God, if haply he may find them. Even the goal which he seeks to attain lies, in his own estimation, on the outermost border of this crust; and well he knows that it never can be reached in any other way than by principles of exact science and by pursuing a path that is at all times lighted by reason." [Bloomfield-Moore, Progressive Science]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"Fifthly, I have come expressly to help science bridge the gulf between UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and the appearance of electrical particles. Without this bridge between the Unseen Spiritual Dimension and the Seen world of 'matter', science will remain rooted in old ideas and concepts instead of moving forward into new realms of spiritual/scientific research for the betterment of mankind." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5]

(Q) Will psychic phenomena ever, or within say 50 years, be accepted and provable on directly scientific measurements; that is on meters (instruments) and mathematics? If not, why?
(A) When there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience. [Cayce (2012-1) see P.E.A.R. Proposition]

Spiritual Science... aims at a form of cooperation among people to be based entirely on the free intercourse and free association of individuality with individuality. How one person assists another, how one helps another advance will simply arise from what one, through his or her own abilities and accomplishments, is able to be for the other.” [Rudolf Steiner]

"A truly religious person can grasp that religion is only enriched and deepened by scientific knowledge. Spiritual science doesn't want to have anything to do with founding a new religion or to give rise to prophets or founders of sects. Mankind has matured; the time for prophets and founding religions is over. And in future people who feel the urge to be prophets will suffer a different fate from the prophets of old, who, in accordance with the ways of their times, were rightly revered as outstanding individuals.

People of today who try to be prophets in the old sense will simply be laughed at. Spiritual science doesn't need any prophets because by its very nature it bases what it has to say upon the depths of the human soul, depths which our souls cannot always illuminate. And the spiritual scientist simply wants to investigate his subject as an unassuming researcher, drawing attention to vital matters. He says, “I've discovered it; you can discover it for yourself, too, if you try.” It won't take long until the spiritual investigator is recognized as a researcher just like any chemist or biologist. The difference is that the spiritual researcher does his research in a field of concern to every human soul." [Rudolf Steiner]
Source: https://wn.rsarchive.org/GA/GA0155/19140713a01.html

"You will understand the physical world, only if you learn to know the spiritual world. Spiritual science is not meant for cranks, but for the most practical of the practical! Every form of life is spiritual. Even as ice is condensed water, so matter is condensed spirit. Mineral, plant, animal, or man — each is a condensed form of the spirit." [Rudolf Steiner – GA 100 – Theosophy and Rosicrucianism: Lecture I – Kassel, 16th June 1907]

"The golden rule of true spirit[ual] science: For every one step that you take in the pursuit of higher knowledge, take three steps in the perfection of your own character." [Rudolf Steiner]

"In our epoch it is the consciousness or spiritual soul that has developed in us through our ordinary civilization and culture. Beginning with the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, science and materialistic consciousness have laid hold of the human being. This will gradually become more widespread, until by the end of the fifth epoch its development will have been completed. In the sixth epoch, however, it is the spirit self that must be developed within the souls of men, just as now the consciousness soul is being developed. The nature of spirit self is that it must pre-suppose the existence in human souls of the three characteristics of which I have spoken: social life in which brotherliness prevails, freedom of thought, and pneumatology. These three characteristics are essential in a community of human beings within which the spirit self is to develop as the consciousness soul develops in the souls of the fifth epoch. We may therefore picture to ourselves that by uniting in brotherliness in working groups, something hovers invisibly over our work, something that is like the child of the forces of the spirit self — the spirit self that is nurtured by the beings of the higher hierarchies in order that it may stream down into our souls when they are again on earth in the sixth epoch of civilization. In our groups we perform work that streams upward to those forces that are being prepared for the spirit self.
So you see, it is only through the wisdom of spiritual science itself that we can understand what we are really doing in respect of our connection with the spiritual worlds when we come together in these working groups. The thought that we do this work not only for the sake of our own egos, but in order that it may stream upward into the spiritual worlds, the thought that this work is connected with the spiritual worlds, this is the true consecration of a working group. To cherish such a thought is to permeate ourselves with the consciousness of the consecration that is the foundation of a working group within the Movement. It is therefore of great importance to grasp this fact in its true spiritual sense. We find ourselves together in working groups which, besides cultivating spiritual science, are based on freedom of thought. They will have nothing to do with dogma or coercion of belief, and their work should be of the nature of cooperation among brothers. What matters most of all is to become conscious of the true meaning of the idea of community, saying to ourselves: Apart from the fact that as modern souls we belong to the fifth post-Atlantean epoch of culture and develop as individuals, raising individual life more and more out of community life, we must in turn become conscious of a higher form of community, founded in the freedom of love among brothers, as a breath of magic that we breathe in our working groups."
A lecture by
Rudolf Steiner
Düsseldorf, June 15, 1915
GA 159
This lecture was given in Düsseldorf at the opening of Group II, on June 15, 1915. It was originally published in English with the title How Anthroposophical Groups Prepare for the Sixth Epoch, or Three Fundamental Characteristics of the Future Civilization of Mankind.

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